Replacing rear/brake lights on Toyota Auris

mariner26, Sep 20, 2:29am
My Toyota Auris (Corolla) 1.8 cc has a blown tail light/brake light.

How to I remove and replace the bulb. I cannot get the bulb out via the boot, after removing the cover/panel. Do I have to remove the whole unit by undoing the screwed fittings I see under the cover to access the bulb?

This should normally be a simple job for the owner I suspect.

lookoutas, Sep 20, 3:50am
Some of those lights need to be removed.
There should be a couple of screws on the inside edge, then thump the side edge of the light in a backwards motion, with the palm of your hand.

mariner26, Sep 20, 8:47am
Thanks for those ideas.

So, there are two possibilities?

kazbanz, May 30, 2:16am
two possible bulbs-you'll see soon enough once you pull the bulb out-most likely a dual filament though

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