06 BFII Falcon. Noise right rear

tootsie9, Jan 19, 4:10am
Just wanted to try my luck here.

tootsie9, Jan 16, 6:22pm
06 BFII Falcon V8 6speed manual.
Morning all, Just wanting to know if anyone would have an idea as to the problem I am having.
Driving straight- No noise
Left hand corner-no noise
Right hand corner- Noise coming from what appears to be right rear wheel. Like a vibrating sound/feeling. Bit louder when you put gas on, on right hand corner.
Any help would be much appreciated.

jason18, Jan 16, 6:42pm
Might be bearings letting go slowly sounds like my noise from my bf.

tootsie9, Jan 16, 6:52pm
I jacked it up to do the wheel wriggle thing lol. No movement however slight movement pushing wheel toward front of car and back. Bushes?

ntalke, Jan 16, 7:04pm
When were the main rear bushes done?

If the main Diff bush is gone usually it takes out the inboard cradle bushes

Car on the hoist will help identify the problem

tootsie9, Jan 16, 7:08pm
Not sure when bushes were done or if they have been done. It is getting no worse. What are inboard cradle bushes?

intrade, Jan 16, 7:11pm
jack the rear corner up on suitable spot and look for axial play , your discription match on how a meachnic diagnoses a wheel bearing by driving and listening problem. could be of course something else once the wheel checks out with no axial play up down or sidways

tootsie9, Jan 16, 7:14pm
I have done the wriggling test. Top/bottom wriggle and front/back wriggle no play. but when i push the back of tyre toward the front of car there is a little bit of movement.

franc123, Jan 16, 7:34pm
Wheel bearings don't have to have play to be in need of replacing, you need to be checking out the fore and aft movement of the hub carrier, may be a rose joint or even the front control blade bush causing that.

jason18, Jan 16, 8:02pm
My falcon I just sold had a bearing noise. Had no play but shit it could make a terrible noise. Worse when cornering etc. What's kms on clock?/

intrade, Jan 16, 8:04pm
well that is a bush it seems crwal under and see where the play is and fix that as it needs doing anyhow if it was your problem or not will show afterwards.

intrade, Jan 16, 8:09pm
thats correct it can make noises without play you have to listen and feel for that problem ,

tootsie9, Jan 16, 8:09pm

tootsie9, Jan 16, 9:38pm
Thanks for everyone's input much appreciated

ntalke, Aug 3, 7:53pm
If you have not already,joined up to these as there is a wealth of info for your car

http://www.fordforums.com.au/index.php? http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/

Take it to a specialist suspension place,found over time your Ford Dealership usually can't identify the problem

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