Ford courier ABS light

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mudguts2, Aug 23, 2:11pm
We have a 2002 ford courier ute and the ABS light is on. It has just failed a warrant because of this even though the brakes have passed ok.
Any ideas where to check for a fault

bjmh, Aug 23, 2:19pm
Could be as simple as a wiring connector fallen off at the wheels,something you can check. otherwise get it scanned.

mudguts2, Aug 23, 2:26pm
Took it in to get scanned at a mates bur cant find where to plug the computer in.

budgel, Aug 23, 2:31pm
Have a look for where the sensors are and check the connections and that there is no grime on the reluctor ring.

mudguts2, Aug 23, 2:38pm
Thats what we are thinking as live on dairy farm.

intrade, Aug 23, 2:48pm
umm whyt scanner does your mate have if he dont even knows where the port is?
abs is not emission so no onehanglow scantool will give you any information.
Best cover has autel for aftermarket scantool they stole the whole ids ford software from ford and got sued and won in court under the right to repair act in america.

mudguts2, Aug 23, 2:55pm
Wouldnt have a clue. Just what i have been told.
The ute is my grandaughters. We all live rural so hard for her to get to town when garages are open.
Needs this light sorted to pass warrant.

m16d, Aug 23, 5:39pm
It'll be a wheel sensor.

mudguts2, Aug 23, 7:34pm
Yes just cant find the plug to put it on the computer. That would show the fault

thejazzpianoma, Aug 23, 7:39pm
This is from autodata for 2002. It looks like it might be LHD but see what you think.

There are rules that say it has to be pretty close to the steering column. Beyond that I can't really help you as Couriers are just something I have never really worked on.

Presumably, you have done a google image search?

EDIT. wait. I think this might be for a Euro Fiesta based one. I will take another look.

EDIT 2 - Ignore this. I don't have a listing for the NZ model sorry.

intrade, Aug 23, 7:40pm
well it has to be within 30 centimetr from the steering wheel by law.
shitroen C4 have it under the plastic cover that brakes if you remove it more then one time.

intrade, Aug 23, 8:11pm
if this is a diesel mazda garbage it be obd1 good luck getting any scantool to talk to that then Autoboss supposdly should
2006 some jappas will only have obd2
look for obd1 mazda connector usually under bonnet. Good luck and dont short no pins you can fry the ecu .

intrade, Aug 23, 8:21pm
ADR 79/01 & 79/02 (Australian OBD standard)
The ADR 79/01 vehicle standard (Australian Design Rule 79/01 – Emission Control for Light Vehicles, 2005) is the Australian equivalent of OBD-II. It applies to all vehicles of category M1 and N1 with a gross Vehicle Weight rating of 3500 kg or less, registered from new within Australia and produced since January 1, 2006 for petrol (gasoline) engined cars and since January 1, 2007 for diesel engined cars.[24] For newly introduced models, the regulation dates applied a year earlier – January 1, 2005 for petrol and January 1, 2006 for diesel. The ADR 79/01 standard was supplemented by the ADR 79/02 standard which imposed tighter emissions restrictions, applicable to all vehicles of class M1 and N1 with a gross vehicle weight rating of 3500 kg or less, from July 1, 2008 for new models, July 1, 2010 for all models.[25] The technical implementation of this standard is essentially the same as OBD-II, with the same SAE J1962 diagnostic link connector and signal protocols being used

mudguts2, Aug 23, 9:07pm
Haha now we are really confused. Might take it to an auto electrician

snoopy221, Aug 23, 9:14pm
Yeah once ya get it scanned it will probably tell ya which wheel met the rock in the cow turd and naffed up the wheel speed sensor.
[Poor damn thang must be lonely if no-one has communicated with it since 2002-LOL]

thejazzpianoma, Aug 23, 9:15pm
You don't happen to be close to Paengaroa do you?

snoopy221, Aug 23, 9:24pm
ngakuru waikitie jazz probably a bit too far but hey will juss add for ya benefit jazz could prob have a lookie and scan it for ya and he is damn near as good a fulla as old Neville Hooker- (Who use fullas and dis fulla know well)

mudguts2, Aug 23, 10:27pm
Its my grandaughters ute and they are out at Galatea .Murupara area. She bought it over to us so we could sort the warrant etc. But thanks for the offer

mudguts2, Aug 23, 10:29pm
We yes never even thought of Neville will phone him in the morn thanks alot for your help

snoopy221, Aug 23, 10:39pm
yeah not too sure that ole nev is in to doing scans however ya prob know young kelsey malaquin as well top man currently working at

Extra Mile Auto Centre in ngongotaha

used to post on here under his missus account (for_an angel) b4 they split.
if nev can't help b damn sure kel can tell im ole snoop sent ya.

mudguts2, Aug 24, 9:12am
Thanks plug connection must be small as cant find it but have an idea now

apollo11, Aug 24, 9:25am
Perhaps in a similar position to the Transit?

budgel, Aug 24, 10:48am
I dont think you will find a scan port in that ute. I have a 2004 and it doesnt have one. In the UK version of my ute the port is situated to the left of the handbrake shaft up under the dash near the heater outlet. not there on my model! I would get under the vehicle and first of all look for any loose wires around the wheels.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 24, 11:09am
If there is no plug there may well be a way of getting the codes without connecting a scanner. There should be a plug of some sort though and at that age I would expect it to be a standard OBD2 type plug even if it's not actually OBD2.

It's not uncommon for different markets to put plugs in different positions. I had a car recently that had three possible positions for the plug.

If all else fails, you can test the wheel sensors with a scope. Either get a garage to do it or you can buy a cheap scope (well under $100 online now) and do it yourself. If you can find a wiring diagram or pinout for your ABS module it's not actually that difficult.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 24, 11:16am
Just check in case this is the same as yours. it's a RHD and the courier was the ranger outside of Australasia at that point.