1999 P11 Primera M6 CVT wagon starter motor faulty

solarboy, Aug 8, 4:53pm
Starter motor makes a horrendous harsh screeching sound as it cranks the motor when starting. Did suspect squealing alt. drive belt but the racket starts before the motor fires up so I think I can rule that out ? ( The belts appear to be plenty tight enough. ) And all quiet as soon as the motor starts and battery voltage goes straight to 14 .6 or so. Car has done 143, 000 km and normally only used two days a week, 12 km to town, two or three restarts around town while still warm, then 12 km home. Battery is near new. All helpful suggestions appreciated.

snoopy221, Aug 8, 4:57pm
Remove, lube. refit
[As in the washer in the starter by the pinion will be dry and squealing when the starter disengages as soon as the engine fires.]

kazbanz, Aug 8, 5:03pm
What he said ^^^^^

the-lada-dude, Aug 8, 5:21pm
I may be wrong but, . aren't these a real bugger to get out ?

bigfatmat1, Aug 8, 5:28pm
10 mins if it is the 2wd. Around a hour for 4wd to remove

solarboy, Aug 8, 5:57pm
Can rely on Motor posters ! Thanks guys, glad it sounds like a simple and cheap fix - though it did seem to be squealing BEFORE the motor fired, but that's likely just my hearing, standing beside the driver's door operating the key through the window doesn't give the best angle on listening. Lada dude had my next question as I Googled the proble first ( yeah, silly me ! ) and came up with lots of overseas posts about horrendous difficulty in accessing the starter bolts - especially the top one - and hours to remove the starter but I'm hoping bigfatmat is right as usual. Fingers crossed for a straightforward extraction and refit !

snoopy221, Aug 8, 5:59pm
bigfatmat is right as usual. Fingers crossed for a straightforward extraction and refit !

So ya now told us the obvious without us having to pull teeth.
Yippe Yay ya gotzzz a 2wd primera-(LOL)

gph1961, Aug 8, 7:39pm
starter clutch slipping

solarboy, Aug 8, 7:45pm
Yes Primer is 2wd, this is my daughter's car.
But I have a '97 Lucino (Pulsar) with 4wd. Had it 10 years + always cranks a bit slowly but as long as it does it's job - fingers crossed - I'm happy.

wizid, Oct 31, 4:49pm
o yes

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