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greyman55, Jun 29, 10:26am
I am thinking of purchasing a 2014 automatic Suzuki Swift Glxab 1.4, what I would like to know being 1400cc is this just a town car or can it be used on longer trips with no worries , say from Hamilton to Auckland a dozen or so times a year and perhaps Hamilton to Wellington now and again or would it not be powerful enough?

What would be the Pros and Cons with this model car , thanking you all in advance as I wont be able to read this until I get back from work after tonight.

rim12, Jun 29, 10:55am
No problems,car will be fine for what you want. may i say good choice of car.

serf407, Jun 29, 11:12am
If buying privately (and maybe from a yard) check with Suzuki that the vehicle has had the rear brake calipers replaced. (if it is a vehicle effected)

slarty45, Jun 29, 11:26am
I had 3 pedal manual version, NZ model same motor
Typical Suzuki totally reliable
As stable at 160 as it was at 100
Regret trading it as it was fun to drive

kazbanz, Jun 29, 11:55am
greyman-Will the Suzuki be fit for the purpose you have stated? YEP no issues whatsoever.
Positives.-its a nippy economical small car -great fuel economy, easy to park,peppy motor,great handling on nz roads,Boringly reliable.
Negatives-It is a small car -so small boot technically a 5 seater but that's pushing it a bit space wise. Its an ok 4 seater but preferably a 2 seater for any distance.-motor will do it but passengers might not be happy on a longer trip.
This last comment is TOTALLY my personal opinion. For long distance driving they feel light and a bit harsh.Thats not a reflection on the swift but on all cars of the size -Vitz/yarris/demio march etc.
If space or the above comment is an issue then going up one step size wise to for example the SX4 or the Toyota Raum (or similar)would be a possible answer.

cjohnw, Jun 29, 3:01pm
This model Swift is exactly the same car as my wife owned until recently. Such a good little car that our daughter bought it off us rather than sell it or trade it. We have driven Auckland to Whangarei a number of times without any problem and if a car can handle the Brynderwyns capably, then it can handle just about any road in the country.
I do agree with the limitations about space, boot, passengers etc that Kaz notes above.
I am reasonably sure you will be quite happy.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 3:25pm
Over priced, way over rated and poor use of space. Also the 1.4 is generally paried with the horrid 4 speed auto which uses 1980's technology and absolutely drinks the gas for a small car. Also not aywhere near as good in a crash as the crash rating would have you believe (built to pass the test not actually be safe)

My opinion won't be popular on here but everything I mention above can be verified by yourself.

My pick in a vehicle in that price range is an almost new Fiat Panda. Fiat being the bigger and more sophisticated company actually sell Suzuki all of their Diesel engines so don't think of them an an inferior.

The Panda is far better on gas, quicker and far more capable in the hills. It requires less maintenance is far better value fo rmoney and makes much better use of the space provided. It's a joy on the open road and in the hills with ample power. It's fully galvanised so will never rust and better built overall than the Suzuki.

There is a lady on here I advised recently to buy one, if you are lucky she might be around and give you her opinion after owning one for a few months.

My advice is go and drive one. I probably won't be back here anytime soon but if you have speciifc questions someone might point you in my direction.

Best of luck.

EDIT. just a note too. The Swift vs Panda situation is a really interesting example of outdated technology vs new efficient technology. Suzuki's old fashioned 1.4 is slower than Fiats little 900cc two cylinder. It also has less torque down low etc. The difference might not look like a lot on paper but go and drive both over the Kaimais and you will be shocked how hard the Suzuki is working compared to the Fiat.

Fuel economy difference is drastic too. No matter what sort of running you do the Suzuki uses at least 50% more fuel in the real world. Think about that, you drive to the supermarket and back, but are paying to drive there, home and back again! Plus that is conservative. In the city the Suzuki is not far off using twice as much fuel, that's just crazy.

socram, Jun 29, 3:32pm
Most 1400cc cars produced over the last 30 years or so, from reputable manufacturers, would have no problem with that journey, as our upper speed limit at 100kph isn't exactly having the engine flat out.

Even my first car, an 850cc Minivan I had way back in the UK in 1967, did a 3 hour journey each way alternate weekends, half of it on a motorway. No problem.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 3:36pm
Absolutely, but a 4 speed Swift is misery on the likes of the Bombay hills compared to some of the better options and if you have a 100km/h crash the outcome is not likely to be very good.

So more of a case of, will do it but not as well as other options.

db.price, Jun 29, 4:01pm
Jazz had made a fair call with the Panda - the biggest issue with them, and this is all relative of course, is they are fuck ugly. But hey you may love it!

Reality says you probably cant go wrong with the Swift. There is a reason that you see so many on the road. If you are looking at the swift then you should probably consider a few others similar as well. Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20, Nissan Micra/March, Skoda Fabia and the Kia Picanto.

Small cars are not just designed to drive in the cities these days. They are just as good on the open road (though as per the comments above they can be a bit harsh on long trips - just not as much sound deadening in them as bigger cars). We owned a Kia Picanto - we picked that because there were SO MANY Swifts out there plus on our budget we count get the Swift we really liked (the Sport). Have to say that we had no issues with our Picanto and were a little sad to sell it earlier this year.

slarty45, Jun 29, 4:28pm
With supermarkets going away from plastic bags
Do you think them large brown paper bags, big enough to fit over head, will make a comeback
Could this help boost Fiat sales?

flack88, Jun 29, 4:40pm
Followed one lastnite laden up headlites in the air,behind to b trains it wouldn't couldn't pass so had to pass the lot,would have a Fiat any day made for sustained high speed running,and handling.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 4:41pm
If you don't like the look of the Panda you can have basically the same car with higher spec and gorgeous styling in the Alfa Mito (2 door only) or Giulietta. Both are phenomenal buying at the moment and are surprisingly practical vehicles.
Just be aware that non Alfa people might tell you stories about parts being expensive etc. This is totally wrong as the new Alfas which are Fiat owned and just another Fiat underneath (just like the very Popular small Jeep 1.4 which is also the same car underneath).
Because the Fiat/Alfa underpinnings are produced in far greater numbers than the Swift parts are actually cheaper. Service intervals are longer too thanks to a better design and services are actually cheaper (transmission requires less maintenance for example).
I assume you are spending about 12-14K, I just picked up a lovely Giulietta for a friend for $12500. Drive one of those and there is no way in the world you will want the swift. Plus same advantages as the Panda, even more go again while still using considerably less fuel.

slarty45, Jun 29, 4:47pm
Car reliability surveys

nice_lady, Jun 29, 4:50pm
The 1400cc engine won't prevent it being driven 'distance'. Hell, Hamilton to Auckland is hardly any much of a distance drive and Hamilton to Wellington is no different to round the block it just takes longer.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 4:51pm
Yes, the reliability index is the worlds largest unbiased one. (Uses warranty data from the worlds largest third party warranty database). An excellent score for a car with so many safety, comfort and efficiency features. Here is the Swift. it doesn't do much better at all given how ancient the technology is and that it has considerably less equipment.

Here is the Panda, it beats the Swift despite a good number of them (and all in NZ) being fitted with the award winning cutting edge technology 900cc two cylinder I mentioned above. It's even knocking on the door of the Toyota Corolla, supposedly the industry standard in reliability.

tgray, Jun 29, 5:16pm
Excellent safety rating, very peppy and great value for the money.
How they feel is very subjective, so I suggest you go and drive one. Yes, there are better cars but if you want basic reliable transportation and can live with limited storage space, then they are worth a look.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 5:31pm
This is the trap I mentioned above. They appear to be made to pass the test (there are a few manufacturers known for this) as opposed to making the cars safe in the real world.

Have a look at the real world one star rating here on the NZTA website. It says it all really.

One star being a very poor driver protection rating. btw.

kingfisher21, Jun 29, 5:42pm
Don't listen to the euro brigade, christ, who wants an unreliable piece of crap euro that will cost you an arm and a leg just to buy simple parts for, stick with the Suzuki, you won't regret it. Bulletproof and more than capable of what you need it for, I have a 1200cc CVT one and it is plenty grunty enough for me, better to drive on the open road than my Commodore.

tsjcf, Jun 29, 5:46pm

flack88, Jun 29, 5:51pm
Really!your Commodore must be a pos then!

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 5:51pm
Was waiting for you to turn up with the same review you spam any thread I post in for a car that isn't even being considered. Nice

tsjcf, Jun 29, 5:55pm
No problem look forward to the weekends when you get out and spam the MB.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 29, 5:59pm
The 1.2 is actually quicker and considerably more economical than the 1.4 plus much better in the hills. It's the combination of a much more modern engine design and the CVT transmission. However, from memory they are available as a used import only. The CVT is fairly reliable but requires regular maintenance to remain so which adds to the cost. Plus you still have all the remaining shortcomings like the terrible crash survivability.

This is ultimately a test of critical thinking. You have the post tipping point of popular group think vs logical consideration.

This is a much easier question to ask in countries that haven't been brainwashed from decades of the used car market being dominated by Japanese used imports and the exaggerations told to sell them. The Swift also has all the heavy marketing from when the previous model was introduced to fuel the popularity and familiarity biases.

Otherwise, just drive my suggestions vs the Swift. The answer couldn't be simpler then.

rovercitroen, Jun 29, 5:59pm
Swift is a nice little car. BUT not with the crappy 4 speed auto box. Drive a manual version - much better car.

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