Mazda, Isuzu, or Holden version sir?

tamarillo, Nov 1, 7:15pm
Mazda will base new ute on Isuzu instead of Ford, so end up being same thing Holden have.

tfc3, Nov 1, 8:21pm
Holden and Isuzu parted ways some time ago.

tamarillo, Nov 1, 8:24pm
I sit corrected.

joanie04, Nov 1, 10:59pm
Brother's new work ute is a Colorado. His previous one for a number of years was a Hi Lux. When I asked what he thought of the new ute, he replied he is very pleased with it. They have a few D Maxs and Navaras but the Colorado so far is the best. He is their head mechanic.

serf407, Dec 10, 8:04am
What happened with the Ford -Mazda ute relationship?
Ford Global strategy got in the way of a continuing arrangement?
Ford Ranger to be built in the US in 2019, need to make the steering wheel to seat-back space larger? Ford want to make the next Ranger a hybrid petrol for the US ?, I doubt they could get the South African 5 cylinder diesel engine clean enough for the EPA, CARB etc.

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