Honda Odyssey electric window issue

maclad, Aug 13, 8:14pm
The drivers side window has become very hard to get to go either up or down unless assisted by manually pushing/pulling it.Seems worst in the AM, sounds silly but wondering if moisture has anything to do with it. Any ideas/advice appreciated. TIA.

snoopy221, Aug 13, 8:15pm
spray can silicone lube on all accessible rubber where glass runs available from supercheap repco etc.

maclad, Aug 13, 8:24pm
Thank you snoopy will try that

kazbanz, Aug 14, 11:01am
NOOOO--don't do that maclad. -well not at first anyways.
if You use hot soapy water and a toothbrush you will be able to scrub into all the rubber tracks for the window and the edges of the windows. They get very grubby/Full of gunge.That might be all it takes. if not they try the silicone trick--if not then you need a new window motor.

maclad, Aug 14, 4:34pm
Would not the motor, if faulty, affect all the windows. All the rest work fine. Thanks for the advice.

curlcrown, Aug 14, 9:01pm
Graphite powder.

a.woodrow, Aug 14, 9:12pm
No each window has its own motor

kazbanz, Aug 15, 9:57am
definitely not -4 windows 4 motors

kazbanz, Oct 26, 3:55pm
sorry snoops--I just prefer to clean the gunge out first before adding more gunge.

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