Uh oh. auto gear box "Clunk". Mitsi RVR.

kiwibookhunter, Jun 23, 4:33pm
Soooo. it is a 2nd gen GDI Mitsi rvr in automatic. I jumped in it this avo and it seemed to be stuck in first gear. Reved it up a bit for sum speed then pulled back and it went "clunk" into second. Then up into third no problem, after stopping went into R no problem, but now does not seem to want to go back into 1st. And at the same time the N light started flashing while the D light is on. So I assume that is a error message and there is something gone in the box? anyone got any ideas plz?

kiwibookhunter, Jun 23, 4:38pm
speed sensor problem?

marte, Jun 23, 5:11pm
IDK, but my car did this dash indicator thing when its ' multi function switch' went bad.
Its a weird unit with many switches inside it thats bolted to the side of the gearbox. Each time the gearbox changes gear, it shifts the switch to a different position & that opens & closes different switches inside it.
This sends info to the computer. It only needs one switch to go bad & that messes the whole thing up.

Its easy to find with a good OBD2 scanner. I get a code for it & i can go further & figure out what switch went bad, either from obd2 , or i disconnect the plug from it & check each wire & move the gearlever.
$80 part in my case but not that easy to replace.

franc123, Jun 23, 5:16pm
So when you selected D after it being in R it just did nothing? The N started flashing but there was no forward drive at all? Did it try to drive after giving the engine rev?

kiwibookhunter, Jun 23, 5:34pm
no it can go forward but only in 2nd or third.

kiwibookhunter, Jun 23, 5:35pm
it did nothing at first but i pushed the stick side ways and up to engage 2nd which worked.

franc123, Jun 23, 5:53pm
I would say its now in a limp mode if its refusing to start off in first. Needs an assessment/code read from preferably a specialist.

marte, Jun 23, 6:10pm
Can you get the gearbox code for this vehicle?
They came out as a CVT too but i dont know much more about them except for fixing a V6 GDI once.

intrade, Jun 24, 11:01am
2 gen dont really means much a year make model from usless carjam maybe more usefull. Mitsubishi had a bad name for good reason and now all modern stuff has sunk to mitsubishis quality levels= made mitsubishis good again. if you want to see it that way.

kiwibookhunter, Jul 20, 2:59pm
i will have a look on the plate under the hood for a trans model tomorrow.

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