Water Pump replacement

freddiefrog51, May 9, 10:48am
I have VX Holden 5.7
How long would it take to replace the water pump on the vehicle?

franc123, May 9, 11:13am
2hrs. If its been some years since its has a coolant flush and replace I would do that while the pump was off, so allow a bit more time for that.

intrade, May 9, 11:17am
Pump & drive
Remove and Install
Water pump
Remove and Install Water pump pulley 0.20
Header tank & hoses
Remove and Install Header/expansion tank 0.30
Remove and Install Radiator top hose 0.20
Remove and Install Radiator bottom hose 0.30
Remove and Install Header/expansion tank hose 0.20
you have to also check pulleys for noise and seals for leaks and fans for play all stuff usually not covered under work times provided and fix whats wrong as you go also.
so i would sday expect 3h charge time to 4 with testdrive and coolant seal checks etc.

freddiefrog51, May 9, 11:23am
Thanks that's a great help 👍

intrade, May 9, 11:25am
this should be your belt routing. that alone be 30 minutes to refit and recheck.
insidently i have to do one of them soon find out whats going on as the ribben belt starts to walk off the top pulley. So something is seriously miss aligned but what I will need to find out . told client not do drive it

franc123, Aug 10, 7:00pm
I will add that my post is based on actual experience, not someone who does not know what a VX 5.7 actually is or has never worked on one. Good luck with it.

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