Mitsubishi Diamante 2005 brakes ?

desert_road, Dec 1, 3:01pm
We recently bought one of these big cars at a great price, but I feel maybe the brakes are not working 100%. The family member we got it from has had all the services done and brake work done by professionals, but they seem to be a bit weaker than other cars we have owned of similar size.

Is this normal for these larger Mitsubishi cars ? or maybe there is an issue with the brake booster or ABS systems on these larger models ?. It has never failed a WOF for brakes issues, but there was a comment made on a previous WOF sheet that the brakes were a bit soft.

msigg, Dec 1, 3:28pm
Fluid change and bleed.

crumptious, Dec 1, 3:33pm
does the pedal itself feel soft ?

desert_road, Dec 1, 3:52pm
Thanks for your response.

Will do an all wheels off, new brake fluid and bleed to all calipers.

The pedal doesn't feel spongy though like there is air in the system, the pedal feels nice and firm and like all is well. It's just that the brakes don't grab like I expect that they should, I would give them a 75% - 80% performance rating at the moment. It feels more like maybe the brake booster is not getting the full vacuum from the intake manifold. I checked the hose externally and it hasn't collapsed anywhere, I might take it off and check that it hasn't partially blocked on the inside.

This is not a problem with the slow speeds around town, but on the open road I certainly allow more following distance between me and the car ahead.

desert_road, Dec 1, 3:53pm
Pedal feels good.

morticia, Dec 1, 4:01pm
Mine was never a "grabber" either. Never had an issue with them not working as they should though.

tygertung, Dec 1, 4:06pm
Maybe they are crappy brake pads. The quality does vary.

richardmayes, Dec 1, 5:53pm
Never driven that model sorry, but I have some experience of a 1996 import 2.5 litre "Diamante Espada" and a bosses' NZ new 2003-ish 3.5 litre.

Never noticed an issue with the brakes seeming weak in any of these.

The NZ new 3.5 litre Diamante was luxury spec with self-dipping mirror etc etc, and it was an exceptionally soft-sprung car in general. Even at 100km/h on the northern Motorway it felt like you had to ease it into the turns gently!

So if you have one of those ones, you might just be feeling a bit disconnected from the road in general. ?

m16d, Dec 1, 6:50pm
Like. what are you comparing it with. ?

desert_road, Dec 1, 8:06pm
Yep it's a NZ new 3.5 luxury spec model, sure has heaps of grunt and very soft on the road.

As others have recommended I'll do a full brake system bleed and check the quality of the front pads while the front wheels are off.
With the bleed and a better quality pad it might improve it enough to be ok.

desert_road, Dec 1, 8:17pm
The last larger Jap car I owned was a Nissan Cefiro Wagon, those brakes were very sharp even when towing a fully loaded trailer. This Mitsi has a towbar fitted, but I wont be hitching up a trailer until I have sorted this brake issue.

franc123, Dec 1, 8:18pm
Check also that the caliper slides are moving freely. If that's OK I would be very suspicious of what pads have been.put in there. Some of them are bloody awful. I would recommend BNT's CPlus pads if replacing them. If in doubt give the rotors a measure up and machine or replace as required.

redhead18, Oct 16, 6:41am
Agrees with post number twelve re caliper slides.
However Simply adds=As Ya Do
As far as people that KNOW brakes=Yip=Because they use em - And expect em workee?
pad compound disc durability vehicle weight are ALL factors.
By ALL Means contact
The Manager here.

Simply provide John this link and post and advise him ole snoop has a new lady.
And remind him snoop is Mike ex Central Motoring

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