Fire damaged cars.

priesty89, Aug 31, 9:01pm
I am looking at a car on trademe, it was imported from Australia with fire damage. They have stated that the front bumper melted, and no other issues. It has been repaired etc.
But I'm a little wary. being that close to a fire, would the car have been affected in any other way? Perhaps weakened panels?

kazbanz, Aug 31, 9:25pm
to answer your questions Yes and yes.
Or to be more precise Could it have been affected in any other way.--Plenty could be wrong with the car.
As with all stat wright offs I would be insisting on seeing the compliance inspection sheet.

franc123, Aug 31, 11:49pm
Very much the above. In an era of vehicles having so much electrical wiring and increasing amounts of componentry between the front of the engine and behind the bumper, parking sensors SRS sensors, cruise control radars etc, you cannot be too careful. I sincerely hope it's not a private sale.

msigg, Sep 1, 7:19am
Well always do a proper PPI and ask/see compliance sheets, If as said the bumper has been replaced /sensors and that was all that was wrong then all good, It does not take too much to write these cars off, also depends on price, if a few grand less than the prices here then why bother, if on the other hand heaps less then worth considering, if it has a warranty all good. It would be good to see photos of before and after. Plenty on New Zealand roads now with no problems.

supernova2, Sep 3, 11:15pm
Is that the SantaFe? Am I reading it right that it's a 2013 but has a 2016 front? Might be ok but sounds a bit dodgy if they've done a bodgy "upgrade"

priesty89, Nov 23, 4:51pm
Yes it is. I paid for a carjam report on it - it had multiple red flags listing all fire and smoke damage.
Thanks for the responses. Have chosen to stay away from this one!

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