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awoftam, Sep 6, 3:18pm
I recently had my car cleaned when out of town and it appears they have left some sort of film on my windscreen; it is clear when dry however if it gets wet it turns almost opaque and my windscreen wipers just make it worse. As I found out when driving in the rain today. Quite dangerous.

Google has told me to use coco cola as the acid will take it off, I was also wondering about acetone?

nzmax, Sep 6, 3:24pm
If I have ever got polish on my own windscreen, everyday household window cleaner seems to remove it with no issues.

m16d, Sep 6, 3:35pm
Jiff and water. don't grind it in but.

awoftam, Sep 6, 3:37pm
I tried that. no luck. Thank you tho!

awoftam, Sep 6, 3:38pm
Yea, I did wonder about that. will see how it works on a small area.

Thank you.

clark20, Sep 6, 3:51pm

nice_lady, Sep 6, 3:55pm
They probably put it tru a car wash with the wash cycle.

awoftam, Sep 6, 4:02pm
No, it was all done by hand.

And I have never had an issue with taking a car through a car wash.

nice_lady, Sep 6, 4:09pm
We have had a similar film from a car wash, (BP), with the wax option.

s_nz, Sep 6, 5:01pm
I would be reluctant to use abrasive cleaners on the windscreen.

ebygum1, Sep 6, 5:16pm
Try a cut potato

martin11, Sep 6, 5:19pm
Thats the way to get out scratches if you are carefull

franc123, Sep 6, 6:07pm
Wax and grease remover.

bitsnpieces2020, Sep 6, 6:43pm
don't use acetone, you'll get it on the paint or the windscreen seals and ruin them.

nesta129, Sep 6, 7:07pm
first of all,call the place where your car cleaned and asked them what they used on the windscreen,they might tell you after you tell them how dangerous it is,with visibility,when its wet.The same product must have been used on other's cars too.
They might sort it out for you,free of charge.

awoftam, Sep 6, 7:23pm
Yip, done all that. They were great to a point.

I am in a different town so not going to travel 2 hours one way to get my glass looked at - they have already 'fixed it' once.

Hence this post was about ways I can resort to, to sort it. I am dealing with the original company privately.


awoftam, Sep 6, 7:24pm
Ha, I have heard of this too. Will give it a go.

awoftam, Sep 6, 7:25pm
I want to thank everyone who posted. I appreciate the advice; many have given me things to consider - or reconsider.


john1623, Sep 6, 8:12pm
Try methylated spirits.

nesta129, Sep 6, 8:19pm
I keep thinking it might be silicone thats on the windscreen,what did they say that they use on the glass?
Btw if you managed to clean up that windscreen,change the wiper blades too as whatever they used could have coated the blades.

aoc1, Sep 6, 8:27pm
washing up liquid

awoftam, Sep 6, 10:41pm
Good point. as it is strange that the screen is clear when its dry, but a nightmare when it gets wet.

I have asked them to tell me what they used on the car and they have said they will send me a picture of the product.

And yea, I thought this re the blades so will get some new ones tomorrow.

Thanks heaps.

kazbanz, Sep 7, 5:36am
I'll put money theres silicone on your screen . The fix is 2k thinners and a couple of rags.--one soaked in it to rub it on then one dry to take off the silicone. -the dry rag you will likey change as it gets soaked in silicone

nice_lady, Sep 7, 7:41am
How/why would a cleaning company get silicone on to the windscreen ?

curlcrown, Sep 7, 7:47am
Some go overboard with it. Spraying the engine bay, the plastic trim below the wind screen, I have even seen people put silicone on the wipers. A bit of rain and it can get all over the place.

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