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kevlight, Dec 2, 5:00pm
SR5 XC 5A 2 wheel drive , 74,000 klm auto petrol V6 king cab
want to check my petrol usage for economy.
only use it now for a 15klm round trip to my part time job, as well as around town to pick up food etc.twice a week about 7klm each week for that.
Bought it march 2019 done 5.650klm up till 1 Dec 2020 at cost of $1562.53 ,at $1.80/ltr .
Im not sure if that is good bad or ugly ,can some one work it out for me in Ltr per klm, thanks .

vivac, Dec 2, 5:26pm
Mine is around 13-14l/100km, same as most 4l powered cars.
I have a heavy foot, use aircon alot and alot of city driving with a load of electricain gear on board at all times.

msigg, Dec 2, 5:34pm
6.5km/litre, it's doing what I would expect out of a v6 petrol ute, 2000kg short cold running. Its ugly compared to an electric car, its ok compared to some 2000kg suv, its bad compared to a medium sized car 1300kg, so lots of different things come into play, it's probably gone up in price heaps so that out weighs everything if you were to sell and get a good price.Keep it you might need it in the climate emergency.Life is short have fun.

s_nz, Dec 2, 5:45pm
Works out to 15.36 l/100km.

It's on the high side, but is what you would expect if your running involves city traffic, stop lights, queue's etc.

I was seeing 13 - 14L/100km driving around inner Auckland in a modern diesel hilux. (did have A/T tires) That kind of running sends consumption to the sky in anything other than hybrid or electric vehicles.

Given your low annual mileage, assuming you like the vehicle, it's probiably not worth your time or effort to change vehicle. Also modern diesels have particulate filters that wound cause issues with your kind of short running.

Those V6 hilux's are fairly rare, and command decent money, so you could sell it, and buy a Leaf or E-nv200 van if you really wanted to reduce your running costs. But honestly you aren't spending that much in fuel a year, so might as well have whatever vehicle you perfer.

intrade, Dec 2, 7:33pm
since we have a climate emergency decleared The government should make it law that all cars drive the cleaner LPG gas

gunna-1, Dec 2, 7:43pm
Autos have a certain amount of slip while driveing so it depends on how heavy your foot is, if you boot any auto it will guzzle the gas.

msigg, Dec 2, 9:09pm
Some autos are more economical than manual trans, they are often higher geared, or they used to be.

serf407, Dec 2, 10:18pm
Run the Hilux on a higher octane fuel.
Checkout engine oils.
Tyre pressures.
When was the last time it was tuned/ engine analysed etc?

martin11, Dec 3, 7:41am
Tried years ago and it was not worth it .

intrade, Dec 3, 8:36am
yes the government would have to change things. also we get ultra shafted. as where in 2012 in south australia LPG was 64 cent stralian and we paid like 1.29$ or more from what i recall. What kills it is that lpg Wof . the 10 year tank inspection is not a issue. But since we want to be green thats the best thing . LPG is the most clean fossile fuel. or you would not be able to use it for cooking inside your house.
Also a myth is that LPG kills engines. The engines will be killed the same on petrol nothing zip to do with LPG . Only caveat is that corner cutting manufacturer fitted non harden valve seats and manual adjusting valves and no one services them= they can suffer premature death if no valvemaster lube is used. any other modern car is 100% ok. i think GM service nagel has a list about this prinz Vsi 2.0 for direct injector gasoline.
and again corner cut engines also die premature on gasoline especially 91 lol

Gm service nagel stated manufacturer installed lpg are worse then self installs. No technition who know how to service lpg in dealerships- Lpg system locked by manufacturer and no easy information provided by manufacturer = they perform poorly and give LPG car gas a bad name . Also cowboy installers , but thats the same with petrol repairer cowboys damage the whole car

itsafamilything, Dec 3, 8:56am
Sure the fuel usage for the 5 650km you have done can be worked out but that will only give an average for THAT period. IF things have now changed incl. hill work, different style of driving, city use etc. etc. then what is the use? You need to start today. Fill your tank. Record your mileage. Do 400km and refill. Then do the maths.

nice_lady, Dec 3, 9:10am
You paid $1562 to buy fuel.
That fuel was $1.80 per litre.
That means $1562/1.80 = 867 Litres.
You travelled 5650 Km on that 867 Litres.
5650/867 = 6.52 Km per litre.

bwg11, Dec 3, 12:30pm
After driving a 2018 diesel Hilux and my 10 year old petrol FJ (same motor as the Hilux with a few more Kw in the FJ), there is just no comparison. The V6 is smooth, quiet and torquey. Unless you are doing vast mileages when fuel cost becomes a consideration, the petrol Hilux is a much nicer drive than the diesel version. As nice-lady says above, 6.52 Km per litre (or 15.33 litres per 100 Km) is reasonable for your usage type. My FJ does 13.5 on a mixture of town, hills and towing. Best I've seen is 9.8 on a Invercargill to Christchurch run at 100 - 105 kph. I'm not surprised as s_nz says there is demand for the V6 petrol Hilux on the second hand market.

sw20, Dec 3, 2:13pm
You are probably still streets ahead with what a rattely diesel Hilux would have cost you in the beginning.

s_nz, Dec 3, 4:54pm
NZ had a serious go at promoting both natural gas and LPG as vehicle fuels in the past. Including thing's like insulation subsidies.

Both CNG & LPG were and continue to be taxed very lightly compared to petrol (Exercise is 10.5 & 10.4 c/L respectively vs 73.8c/l for petrol).

None of the above was sufficient to keep either fuel mainstream, although LPG did OK for a while.

LPG has pretty much died as an automotive fuel. Taxi fleets moving from LPG to petrol hybrids had a big impact, along with the general market moving away from aussie built 6+ cylinder cars, and a boom in the popularity of diesel utes.

With Holden and ford pulling out of Aussie manufacturing, there are no longer factor direct LPG options available in NZ. In the last decade having a vehicle modified to take LPG could be justified only in rare cases, the signs of a declining fuel source were present, and
those concerned about emissions were moving to hybrid and electric vehicles instead.

Petrol stations offering auto LPG seem to be dropping like flies at the moment. I don't think this situation is going to reverse.

Yes LPG is an especially clean fossel fuel, and is great from a local air quality point of view. It is a little bit (about 15%) better from a co2 emissions perspective than petrol too (based on the XR6 falcon ecoLPI vs petrol). But for co2 emissions a falcon EcoLPI taxi still emits mutiple times more than a (admittedly smaller and slower) prius taxi.

Government has just announced its only going to buy electric vehicles from 2025, so I think we will see all the effort going that way.

vivac, Dec 3, 7:41pm
Oh, also if you are looking to sell i would be interested, mine is up to 250000 and i want a change but Toyota wont even special order one in for me, i dont think its possible anymore.

djrandomguy, Dec 7, 10:37am
buys a petrol ute then asks abut economy. got those two steps in the wrong order

franc123, Dec 7, 3:38pm
That would be true unless its fitted with a DPF, if so and most of your running is cold and/or urban then a diesel is the last thing you want. They are not made to do that.

s_nz, Dec 7, 7:32pm
Big tax advantages to running diesel in this class. Clearly toyota didn't sell enough to keep it around.

That said, the 4.0L petrol is substantially more powerfull, smoother & quieter than even today's diesel offering. I can see why some would want to buy it,even with the higher running costs and shorter range.

These days there might even be more interest if they brought it back to the NZ market. Bad press about the health impact of diesel fumes, and ongoing issues with the DPF system in hilux's is making diesel fuel less attractive.

gblack, Dec 7, 8:01pm
Doing the numbers another way:

You are using a bit over 15l per 100km. A fuel efficient car like an Toyota Prius C will be getting down to 4.5l per 100km. Say 5l per 100km to make it easier; about a third of the fuel burn. So would have saved $1000 over the same period. Maybe closer to $1300 over the year.

$1.80 pretty litre seems cheap - I assume 91 and you don't live in Auckland region with the extra fuel tax. Also that period included a lot of lockdown, so guessing you would normally drive more per year.

If you didn't need the ute for carting stuff around and towing etc, then might be worthwhile looking at something more fuel efficient next time you buy, and you could have ~$25-30 more per week in your hand. But if you like or need the Hilux, then not worth buying and selling to save fuel.

paul861, Dec 8, 6:26am
if comparing to diesel dont forget to add $7.60 /100kmRUC , and i'm not sure the difference in rego

kevlight, Dec 9, 4:47pm
Thanks for replies ,i bought the ute ,as a retirement pressy for myself ,but having had it for just over a year ,hardly ever use it as a load carrier ,just general personal transport,i do like it ,but hard to justify ,especially as missus finds it too big to drive.
. Will put it up for sale after Xmas ,paid 20k for it 2009 petrol S5 2 w drive, king cab Hilux canopy ,roof racks 78.00 klm rego FEA627 .what do you think its worth selling price . thanks

sw20, Dec 9, 4:58pm
You will easily get your money back, if not cover your fuel costs if you wanted as well.

mrcat1, Dec 9, 5:17pm
Any here I can get 10.1l/100km out of my 6.7litre Ram 2500 and people say mine must drink fuel.

vivac, Dec 9, 10:59pm
Where are you based?
They seem to be around 14K but with over 200Km on them, so yours should fetch 18-20 i would say, its hard to judge as there arent many about but there are a few here on tardme that you can compare to.

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