Importing cars for Australia

daniel993, Oct 4, 1:22pm
Hi guy's

Does anyone have any experience importing a car from oz, how does it work with duty fees and registering in nz?

supernova2, Oct 4, 1:29pm
Unless its something really special I don't believe it's worth the bother.

daniel993, Oct 4, 1:38pm
I'm on the hunt for a low km monaro, i have my eye on one that's 50k

supernova2, Oct 4, 1:46pm

kazbanz, Nov 11, 1:07pm
it either has to be 20 years old (or more) or be fitted with ESC to be allowed on the road in NZ. There a heap of other rules but that is the latest one. Also you can't bring in a car with an active airbag recall outstanding on that car. Otherwise there have been many threads asking about importing cars from overseas. have a looksee by punching in the keyword Import or importing and go back 12 months

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