Tyre keeps going flat.

awoftam, May 27, 9:11am
My 4 tyres are all in good condition and under 3 months old. One keeps going flat; I gave taken it to the garage here 4 times; last time (this week) they said the valve was leaking. The time before that they said they didn't know why as no hole.

So, I have had the car back 3 days and the tyre is going flat again. Any ideas? So frustrating!

intrade, May 27, 9:26am
Yea, maybe your rim has a hairline crack. There is bead sealer to be used have they done this already?
that's for where the tyre seats on the rim= wont fix hairline cracks

awoftam, May 27, 9:29am
They said time before last when they couldn't find anything they had sealed the rim (or something like that), so I assume that's what you mean? I'll ask them.

Thank you.

flagheaven, May 27, 9:48am
put a tube in it

mrfxit, May 27, 9:55am
Tyre Pando, might be enough to prove a point
After that it's probably a replacement tyre or rim.

See if they have another tyre they can fit as a loaner.
I presume this is the same company you brought the tyres from in the first place

3tomany, May 27, 10:09am
This is probably the cause. I had the same thing and the problem was almost impossible to see as the crack would only show when the weight of the car was directly on it and of course it was on the inside of the rim.

saxman99, May 27, 10:15am
I had one where it was a balancing weight causing a leak, but only when the car was parked sitting directly on it; ie the weight was at its closest point to the road. Might be worth a look.

franc123, May 27, 11:29am
If its going noticeably flat in 3 days it should be obvious where its leaking from. Find someone who knows what they are doing. Last case i dealt with similar to that which had been to two different tyre shops before me was a perished valve which only leaked when you grabbed it with your fingers and bent it. The young lady came to me in frustration after being charged twice and told there was no problem by these morons.

awoftam, May 27, 11:43am
Yes, trouble is where I live my options are very limited.

I have just collected it again and have been told they didn't cement the new valve in and that's where it was leaking from. Hello? Really? I don't know about these things however I thought any repair would have been checked before the owner was told it was fixed.

Anyhow, will see how it goes this time!

gph1961, May 27, 12:08pm
swap tyre to another rim
see if going flat follows the rim or tyre

mrfxit, May 27, 12:17pm
Strange, never ever had "cement the new valve in" done.
Come to think of it, never had a new tyre needing sealant either, (on a modern rim)

franc123, May 27, 12:27pm
Valves don't need cementing in. The only reason you would do that is if perhaps there was some scaly corrosion around the hole. The first time they did it they must have just changed the valve core and not the whole valve.

socram, May 27, 1:06pm
Alloy wheel or steel wheel? Normally, they stick the complete wheel and tyre in a bath of water and watch for air bubbles. If it isn't 'blowing bubbles' but going flat in three days, with the weight of the car on it, one presumes it is a tiny leak that isn't showing up unless under pressure.

Maybe a coat of paint on the inside of the rim before the tyre is fitted would plug any tiny hole(s), but, if they fitted a new valve (and I haven't even heard of them needing a sealant either) then that should rule out a valve problem, yet they say that was where it was leaking?

trogedon, Aug 2, 10:04pm
Get them to clean the rim beads - a small amount of dirt there can (rare but happens) cause a slow leak.

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