Hiace rear wheel bearing replacement

matarangi3, Nov 22, 8:07am
Hi there anyone out there know how much and can recommend where to get these replaced in Auckland?

toyboy3, Nov 22, 8:15am
Which year ? If the oil has leaked out and on the brake linings the shoes will need replacement

franc123, Nov 22, 12:43pm
Nobody can answer that question without knowing year, model and axle configuration.

matarangi3, Nov 22, 10:25pm
2008 5 speed manual

gph1961, Nov 23, 7:25am
Nobody is on holiday.What about Somebody?

strobo, Nov 23, 8:01am
In short. find a competent workshop in Auckland there are many! Even a toyota dealership as the go to place as their genuine parts are often cheaper than after market but labour somewhat higher. or at least 3 different w/shops or better go in there with the vehicle carefully! ? and get an estimate cost or quote .Then choose ya liking.There may well be more parts needed than just wheel bearing kits once its opened!like wheel cylinders and shoes etc.really need to assess that first on a hoist! find and choose ya service,they may even transport it for you if it's not mobile.Choose local to your area .

matarangi3, Nov 23, 2:16pm
Thanks for your reply,I called local Toyota dealer and they quoted me $720 per side which seems a little expensive but being a dealership they should know what they're doing?

saxman99, Nov 23, 2:43pm

nice_lady, Nov 23, 2:44pm
Hell that sounds like a lot.

nice_lady, Nov 23, 3:22pm
Think I'd be asking for a detailed quote on that one.

toyboy3, Nov 23, 3:49pm
By the time the bearing brake shoes and wheel cylinder and two hours plus the cutting the old bearing out and checking the diff oil the quote isn’t too bad

aph4u1, Nov 23, 3:50pm
Try Zoyz in Grayson ave Papatoetoe. I have found them to be very competitive price wise and very good standard of workmanship.

matarangi3, Oct 20, 3:16pm
Thanks for that,I do realise that they are a lot more difficult to replace than other models.

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