Tyre wear

rpvr, Oct 21, 9:47am
During the first lockdown I was checking my partner's Toyota Vitz, and noticed that the front left tyre was showing a little wear on the inner shoulder. Not much, but visible. As there were no convenient alignment places open, I switched the tyres around, front to back, and put the most worn tyre (about 3mm) on the left front. Promptly forgot about it until my partner took the car for a WOF last week, which it passed, with a warning on the front left tyre, as it was down to 2mm. But what puzzled me is that when I checked it, expecting more shoulder wear, it was dead even across the whole tread. Why would one tyre wear unevenly, and another one not?

aprilguy, Oct 21, 10:30am
Well the front left tyre has been there 7 months or so. Maybe the uneven pattern on the previous one took longer to appear.

saxman99, Oct 21, 10:36am
Out of balance or internal damage/delamination perhaps.

franc123, Oct 21, 10:49am
Get rid of both of those tyres, put two new ones on the front, get an alignment done, vastly preferable you get this done at a specialist alignment or suspension shop, and monitor what that inner tread depth is doing over the next few months of running.

martin11, Oct 21, 11:57am
Had driving when cornering

scuba, Oct 21, 12:12pm
that would normally show on outer shoulder not inner.
However- tyre may have been turned on rim, possibly tyres rotated or tyre alignment issue from the past which has already been resolved.
Basically without knowing the vehicles history or maintennce its a guessing game so personally i would replace the two worst worn tyres and get a wheel alignment check. hell it's only money.

intrade, Nov 4, 3:06am
with a vitz lol i doubt it that thing be in a ditch if you drive it like a vw merc or other euro. it will be more like something wrong from wrong alignment to bush or joint wear etc. as most likely cause.

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