Looking to buy a HiAce van. Diesel or Petrol?

stellabellatm, Jun 11, 12:36pm
Auto vs. manual - age 2005-2015 - 2lt plus, any advice welcome

toyboy3, Jun 11, 12:46pm
What are the annual kilometres going to be traveled? Is it going to be urban or rural distances

intrade, Jun 11, 12:54pm
Why would you want to buy a death-trap?
Depending on what you need it for . Toyota have the worst abortion of non engineered modern diesel. So if you was to buy a deathtrap might as well get a year 2000 fresh import.

stellabellatm, Jun 11, 1:10pm
Just to be used around town as a work vehicle. need something with easy access to tools, currently have Hilux ute, but not easy to get to tools without removing lots of stuff.

stellabellatm, Jun 11, 1:11pm
Just to be used around town as a work vehicle. need something with easy access to tools, currently have Hilux ute, but not easy to get to tools without removing lots of stuff. What would you suggest if not a Toyota?

intrade, Jun 11, 1:13pm
Do you know of the toyota funcargo? unless you need massive space the funcargo has about the same room as a ute it turns in to a 2 seater rear seats fold under the floor. And they are easy to park.

stellabellatm, Jun 11, 1:15pm
Not big enough, and need a bigger motor as some days the tools will be heavier, depending on the job.

intrade, Jun 11, 1:22pm
if you get a toyota make sure its got a long nose crumble zone or if you got time the mb100 mercedes and 140 are for sale on here at times . my second one is 1999 with 7 seats and tail lift for my tool trolley loading. The only danger with the engine is coolant neglect the one i got drips coolant but runs fine and only has 180,000km need to spend another 5 grand to fix it up i estimate. it was from tauranga.

intrade, Jun 11, 1:25pm
toyota basically 2,7 petrol 4 cilinder inline automatic is fine if you get a 2000 to 2005. Fresh imports have to be serviced as they get tested for emissions. Unless somone cheated the import testing= it happened before. But not as common as unserviced toyotas on sale otherwise.

stellabellatm, Jun 11, 1:28pm
Thanks for your input, friend had MB van had a lot of trouble with it, but maybe it was a lemon, so had not really considered them, but will have a look .

msigg, Jun 11, 3:58pm
Get a diesel Hiace, keep serviced and it will outlast the others, Good round town van, they do get stolen same as your tools so insurance is the key or some good anti theft stuff like a dog.

toyboy3, Jun 11, 4:08pm
If in town a lot then Auto and if your kilometres are around 10000 or less per year , then petrol is good. I have a 2005 year 2 litre engine , it will do a100 Kph. in second gear up hill with a load , on an average drive it does 10 litres per 100 km.

franc123, Jun 11, 5:37pm
All those Hiaces are rudely expensive upfront for how old they are and what you are actually getting. Toyota do a swag of other van like vehicles that are safer and could be had for much cheaper and easily converted into a tool carrier, Noah, Voxy, Estima etc. Most are blessed with good dark window tints ex factory, and I think are theoretically less of a target for thieves than a Hiace. Unless you are driving it hot all day around town dont go paying a premium for a diesel, you don't need it. Especially don't go buying a 20yo Ssangyong 5cyl Mercedes slug van FFS, which is what a MB140 is.

mrfxit, Jun 11, 8:26pm
The Nissan vans are pretty good in most area's but do tend to have gearbox issues from time to time.
If it's just been done, then it will be fine for about 5 to 10 years.
If not, then alter the budget to suit a repaired box

bigfatmat1, Jul 25, 2:09am
check for oil leaks in the petrol model round the front timing cover and sump. Big jobs to repair. Also check for signs of coolent loss from plastic pipe under neath in manifold towards front of engine. Also listen for diff noise.

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