tygertung, Feb 13, 12:50pm
I wouldn't want to go anything smaller than 3m if you are wanting to go into surf, but I would advise having a lot of boyancy in case you get swamped.

3m should be fine. My wife and I spent 10 days cruising the Abel Tasman in a Sunburst which is only 3.5m and we were heavily loaded with gear, including cast iron frying pan. We had a 2hp motor as an auxiliary, and it would easily push the boat to about 4.5 knots.

We were in some rough weather too, about 30 knots and 3m waves and it was no issue. Just ensure you carry enough fuel. We didn't take enough and had to get some off somone who was going into some town from Totaranui.

kazbanz, Feb 13, 4:23pm
It isn't just about size its alsoy about weight when it comes to launching a boat. Also when you are out there fishing something that is stable is pretty important.--Ok rephrase its the difference between a great experience and seasick passengers.
Without hesitation I'd suggest looking at the Smart wave boats particularly the sw3500. That boat was built literally with people like you in mind.
In theory its a monohull but in practice it works like a tri hull because of the hull shape underneath. That reduces roll. They are very light hulls so easy to launch and you don't need a huge motor to push them.
Set up from factory for fishing poles and oars if you just want to row out.
Best of all you cannot sink them. Literally it is impossible.Fill em full of water and they still float. -Smash a hole in the hull--they still float. Chop the boat stem to stern or port to starboard and they still float. -Port to starboard from amidships the stern will go down with the weight of the motor but bow will float.

s_nz, Feb 13, 5:17pm
You can get really small rigid boat that will accept an outboard. i.e. this one: 2.1m long, 22kg, 4hp max: The real question is how small can you get away that will allow you to get through the surf. Never used a kontiki,but my understanding was that they were capable of going through breakers that you wouldn't want to in a boat. Most small dingy's are open, so a single wave over the bow and you are swamped. Probabilistic especially if your outboard doesn't have the power to lift the nose approaching a wave.

Could consider something like this, which wouldn't get swamped if you punch through a wave:

or a kayak.

jmma, Feb 13, 8:44pm
This thread is a year old lol

bobwyn, Feb 14, 6:10pm
check out these,

elect70, Feb 17, 3:30pm
whats the smallest rigid boat you can buy & fit a small OB on ,just need something to get me out 2kms at the most with long line & easy enough for 1 person to launch & retrieve . had RIbs before dont want another . Im sick of trying to put kon tiki out ,this season been few days without a 1/2 M plus swell & kontikis wont go through surf .dispite what you see in the ads .mine has biggest motor can buy for it 60 lb thrust but wont get past the surf line

bwg11, Feb 17, 3:44pm
I use a MAC 360 with a Mercury Super 15 which does the job perfectly. Just enough grunt to plane 2 people, wet net and the catch (probably a 200 kg payload). Easily beach launched by one person, I use a quad. My fishing mate has a 3.6 metre Stabi with a Yamaha 15. I prefer the zero maintenance of the plastic boat compared to the Stabi. I bought a new Stabi some years back and it looked decidedly second-hand after a year of neglect in salt water, whereas my 10 year old MAC would clean up as new.

finelawns, Feb 17, 5:44pm
I have a 3m glass hull RIB I have a 9,9hp and get up to 21kts.
I take it a rounds different lakes as it’s a great boat for easy fishing. Iv been a fair way in it but never to far off shore

gamefisher, Feb 17, 7:43pm
Is Listing #: 2465202952 too dear I was tempted but got this instead Listing #: 2498403628 would have been perfect for you, sorry.

kingfisher21, Feb 17, 8:23pm
What brand of Kontiki? You are doing something severly wrong if it wont go past the breakers, I have a 30lb Seahorse and get out in the worst west coast conditions.

elect70, Sep 12, 10:04pm
Those with GPS are ok they will self correct but ordinary home made ones like mine just get turned by the breakers & eventually come ashore

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