Nissan Avenir brake release cable

rpvr, May 24, 11:46am
My old Avenir (2001) has a foot operated parking brake with a release cable below the dash, which has now broken. Spares are available at a cost ($126), but it looks not very easy to replace as the nipple on the end where it broke is on the other side of a hole in the actuating arm, there is no little slot to slide it in. It looks almost like the cable has been put through the hole and the nipple swaged into place in situ. Anyone replaced one? Also, does anyone know if there are still people around who replace cable inners and reuse the outer part?

kazbanz, May 24, 1:08pm
It isn't as hard a job as it looks.When you buy the replacement cable it kinda tells you what needs to be done by the "stuff" hanging off it. -assuming its a 2wd

toyboy3, May 24, 1:57pm
There’s a brake place in Eden Terrace just off the top of Dominion road that does brake cables

rpvr, May 24, 3:52pm
Yep. I eventually got the old cable out, conventional fittings but it fooled me because it has a black plastic insert at the end so I couldn't see the usual slot for the cable to slide in. I currently have a cable tie to pull to release the brake, works well. I'll see if I can find a cable rebuilder who can do it cheaper than new.

rpvr, May 24, 3:53pm
I can vaguely remember this place but can't remember the name. Nothing much comes up on google.

kazbanz, May 24, 4:15pm
Why not just grab the part from Dodsons or Pick a part if moneys an issue.

redhead18, May 24, 4:53pm

toyboy3, May 24, 4:56pm
Can’t remember the name but they are were at the end of akepiro street
Brake & Clutch Services Akepiro Street, Mount Eden, Auckland

rpvr, May 24, 9:49pm
Money's not really an issue, I'm just a cheapskate who begrudges spending $126 on a short piece of cable for an old car worth at most $1500. I frequent the markdowns section at the supermarket too. Time I bought another car, but I've only had this one for 13 years.

redhead18, May 24, 10:20pm
Meh if our resident highly qualifed brake specialist was here he would recommend sterlings=as he basically did his time there so we fast forward to our dear old SR2.
AND. 743 7 Bob Boniface Simon Butler Toyota Altezza
Sat 22/05/2021 7:12 PM

SKIP TO 3.50 IS you.

Simon Butler
Mon 24/05/2021 10:50 AM
Bloody awesome mate!

kazbanz, Aug 3, 8:16pm
l reckon I’d still grab a cable from pick a part .

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