2008 Nissan Caravan Van Engine

vijay19, Feb 1, 5:28pm
When van engine is cold when starting the ignition, you can hear a rattling sound from the front of the engine. And when the van engine warms up the rattling sound quietens down. Could someone please advise me what the problem could be?

cabrio1, Feb 1, 6:51pm
Pre ignition, generally caused by a bad piston return spring.
Otherwise is anything obviously loose at the front of the engine?

kingfisher21, Feb 1, 6:58pm
lol WTF

tweake, Feb 1, 7:01pm
what engine does it have?

intrade, Feb 1, 7:02pm
the question is what is it petrol diesel and a better description then a sound.

cabrio1, Feb 1, 7:23pm
Valve bounce, a sure sign of pre ignition.
Replace the piston return spring.
Otherwise could be harmonic balancer, out of harmony.
Mostly a Nissan problem.

msigg, Feb 1, 7:32pm
Timing chain rattle. Have you done any servicing?.

franc123, Feb 1, 8:35pm
Probably a worn chain caused by poor servicing/poor oil flow to the tensioner which could be the result of all sorts of possible problems including partly blocked sump pickups or wrongly made oil filters etc.

mrcat1, Feb 1, 9:35pm
WTF, valve bounce is usually a result of to many big revs.
And if the harmonic balancer is out of balance, it becomes a demonic balancer, which is totally out of harmony with the rest of the world.

gph1961, Feb 1, 9:50pm
urine extraction from a ragtop

mrfxit, Feb 1, 9:53pm
LOL, mmmmmmm could be a bit slippery with all that liquid manure on the boards.
I smell trouble

mrfxit, Feb 1, 9:55pm
Common noise would be timing chain?
Is this a TD27 or QD32 or something else

monaro17, Feb 1, 10:27pm
I’m not sure they were still using the TD or QD that late? And if I’m not mistaken, they are cam gears anyway. No chain

If its a diesel I would pick it’d be a ZD30

monaro17, Feb 1, 10:29pm
Bless, the thought was there but what isn’t there is knowledge of how an engine works.

franc123, Feb 1, 10:37pm
QR, KA or ZD engines in those. TD and QD were no longer used by that stage.

muppet_slayer, Feb 1, 10:40pm

2sheddies, Feb 1, 10:43pm
Fill up the blinker fluid reservoir and tell us if the noise disappears.

kingfisher21, Feb 1, 11:13pm
lol, yea I seen that one, its bloody well done, another youtube channel, Garage54 actually did it.


muppet_slayer, Feb 1, 11:29pm
I doubt they actually did it because there would be no room for the compressed spring at TDC, it would be smashed into the head. Also it would foul on the valve heads and it would make a racket if they did get it going.

mrfxit, Sep 19, 7:48am
LMAO, arrhhhh welll yea.
To those of us that have rebuilt engines, it's pretty obvious.
Love the printed box's for the springs

It's in the same class as Lucas Replacement Smoke

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