Since when did petrol prices vary so much

g.a.k., Dec 8, 4:08pm
I can understand how prices in certain small towns or remote locations can be more and its always been the case that two nearby gas stations in a city can vary by a few cents. Since when did the price vary by 20c per liter though!
I'm talking about BP mornington Dunedin at $1.89 and then Mobil in Kaikorai valley less than 5 mins drive away being $1.70.

I stopped paying attention to gas prices years ago thinking they were all much the same. Only noticed this after filling up at BP today. Feel scammed tbh. I bought 55 litres - thats $11 difference.

intrade, Dec 8, 4:15pm
ye well there was a inquiery in to petrol prices as there is now with food prices. it was supposed to happen that petrol prices must all be displayed not just 91 catpi$$. and i dont know when that law change will come in to effect maybe in 100 years just like them government thug inquierys who always lead to nothing other then more of my taxes wasted.

nice_lady, Dec 8, 4:37pm
Govt enquiries into retail are a smokescreen which blows away to show - nothin.

As for gas prices still find some, but not all, main road stations can be much more expensive.

I think the stations charge whatever they think they can get away with. I regularly see $0.35c per litre price difference on the same day between Cambridge and Hamilton.

At that price with two cars to fill I go for a little drive from Cambridge to Hamilton, taking each car in on alternate fortnight's.

intrade, Dec 8, 5:37pm
ok to what really happend to fuel prices its quite complex .
in 1990 fuel was about 60% cheaper then it was in europe. They then raised the price 10 cent and then dropped it 6 cent and each time the price dropped the media reported it as massive price drop. Never mind that it actuarly still was 4 cent rise in price. This did keep going on and on and then hell-en clarkistan introduced continued taxes on fuel every so many month tax on fuel was added similar to what they do with smoking.
Then the thug with keys said he would temporary remove gst from petrol if he was the prime mincer when it hits 2.20$. Then the thug was elected and no scuh thing was done but tax rise was continued . as per usual you get to vote who you want to hear lies from.
Then waitomo started out with lower prices = thats why you have price differences . otherwise you would be milked from all sides.
Thats what really went down and now our fuel prices are as high if not higher then europe. from way cheaper to wa more expensive. Same with food prices a similar game is played there. lower prices shrink pakets lower prices. Rais prices

nice_lady, Dec 8, 6:47pm
In regard to Helen Clark, Key or any other Politician you have to remember one thing. They ONLY do what's politically expedient. They have zero interest in anything else. So they'll say whatever it takes to make it look good but what they'll actually DO in the end is not necessarily what they promised. In fact it rarely is.

Oh and if you're wondering why that is - it's simple. They want to keep their lovely high paying job which has huge perks. After a mere 9 years in the house they get lifetime superannuation at a very generous rate and many other perks. I guess if we all could vote ourselves our own pay package it'd be a very very generous one also !

saxman99, Dec 8, 6:53pm
Lots of commodities vary in price depending on location, demand, competition, etc.

whynot47, Dec 8, 7:48pm
BP is always the dearest. Never go there.

sw20, Dec 8, 8:37pm
BP take the piss. Not sure why people keep going there. Their premium pricing is disgusting, they don't even pretend to compete.

g.a.k., Dec 8, 10:01pm
Thank you. I honestly never knew this. Why is this not more well known? How can there be one petrol station thats way more expensive? You think people would find out, like I did today, and eventually stop going.

I thought it was safe to assume that while the stations may vary by a few cents it was never going to be enough to bother paying attention to. I know this used to be the case so I'm wondering when it changed.

g.a.k., Dec 8, 10:03pm
Since when? How is this not more widely known?

sw20, Dec 8, 10:07pm
Premium pricing is rarely advertised on the roadside. So if you only go to BP for your coffee and petrol you probably think that is the price.

In Christchurch there is a 43 cent a litre difference between BP and Pak n Save 95 petrol. On a 50 litre fill that is $21 difference.

There is a 32 cent difference between BP and NPD for 98/100 octane.

socram, Dec 8, 10:21pm
I always thought local to here was expensive, but was staggered at the Z price opposite the RSA at Pt Chev. Gull is a recent arrival here, but 20c difference in diesel?

We stick to BP and we get 30c a litre on one fill a month thanks to Contact energy - plus whatever BP are offering.

By the way, who supplies Pak 'n' Save? We were warned off Gull, especially on the older cars and even the newer ones the dealer wasn't too happy about it.

tygertung, Dec 8, 10:26pm
Why should petrol be cheaper here than in Europe anyway?

sw20, Dec 8, 10:41pm
Z energy supplies Pak n Save AFAIK.

stevo2, Dec 9, 5:55am
Download the app "GASPY" to your phone. You will see all of the fuel prices in your vicinity and choose who you would like to support.

blueviking, Dec 9, 6:25am
Our local Gull is 46c a litre cheaper for 98 than the BP across the road.I've been paying under $2 a litre, as they have days on special and their advertised price is always 6c cheaper at the pump.New Lynn.

blueviking, Dec 9, 6:30am
Last time I put diesel in the ute,was around $1.05, whereas east Auckland it was $1.36.

amasser, Dec 9, 8:45am
Because too many people don't really care about petrol prices. Perhaps they go for the food or coffee, or convenience. B.P. station is usually more expensive but always seems to have customers.

gazzat22, Dec 9, 9:26am
Most of then now are Dairy/Coffee shops with petrol pumps attached and if you,re lucky Free Air.!

g.a.k., Dec 9, 9:42am
If they were like me they dont care about petrol prices because its a bloody boring topic and completely out out of ones hands anyway. or so they think.

If it was more well known that BP was considerably more expensive, I just cant imagine how people would continue going there.

Z have cafe and bathroom facilities too. I would still go to BP out of convenience if it was a small petrol purchase or needed facilities or something. I just cant wrap my head around how people still go there for big fill ups and like you say they always seem to have customers. The big BPs here in Dunedin seem to always be busier than the big Z stations.

Maybe Z need to put a sign out saying "we will beat our competitors price by 5-10%" since. they already do anyway.

annie17111, Oct 12, 2:03pm
$1.009 in Martinborough at allied and $108.9 at bp. I always go to allied because they are always cheaper. Even cheaper than the nearest big town of masterton. I never go to full, even if it was cheaper as a couple of mechanics have warned me off them.

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