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muzz67, Sep 6, 8:00pm
That is a nice escort!
Shame a standard GSL Lancer is so much quicker and faster.
Mate used to get real peeved when my '78 lancer would shoot off into the distance, leaving his '80 Eskie Sport in the dust.

2sheddies, Sep 7, 12:26am
Or go and buy a new one and flog the rooted one off on here to some other bugger. Better to make it someone else's problem.

stevo2, Sep 7, 5:44am
This was my first car from the 70's. Wish I had it back - but only as a weekend runabout, not a daily driver. Cars have come a long way since then and I prefer modern.

orphic1, Sep 7, 6:24am
HT or HG? 186?

marte, Sep 7, 6:42am
But there was no safety belts on the back seat either ( pre 1978 )

stevo2, Sep 7, 6:43am
'71 HG 186 three on the tree.
Was 4 years old when I bought it for $2k. Belonged to Dunlop who's rep runs it for 4 years 100,000 miles and they give it to him as his bonus. A good incentive to keep it in mint condition. Hence the HQ rims and habcaps

orphic1, Sep 7, 6:57am
Cool complete with the dust deflector. Old Holdens keep going. Father bought new an HR Premier with the X2 engine in '67-'68 complete with Powerglide trans. According to Carjam its still running today.

omega12, Sep 7, 7:02am
Ah yes, my 73' Chrysler Regal 318. The smell of wet carpets (even in summer), the fogged window that never seemed to clear, more blind spots than a windowless room, burning my legs after a day at the beach on the premium vinyl, the toggle that meant you could adjust the side mirrors without opening the window but ended up opening it anyway to adjust, but the sound of the V8 when it first started. that was heaven

nala2, Sep 7, 9:54am
In the 70,s if you went over the Rimutukas there would be several cars on the sides of the road, bonnets up steaming, on most trips. You can still see an original sign from those days in a small spring---Water

gph1961, Sep 7, 10:09am
had a HD prem.s/w X2 glide balljoint front suspension power front discs bored the 179 to 186 good wagon

franc123, Sep 7, 10:43am
Other 'buggers' are often the architects of their own misery and skip PPI's. Its rare you can find someone disposing of used cars who is telling the whole truth, as a buyer you need to be finding out of there are reasons it's being got rid of. It's that simple.

orphic1, Sep 7, 12:33pm
Twin carbs? That was the model preceding the HR. Carjam on the HR.

kazbanz, Sep 7, 1:10pm
Datsun 120 y from the 70's full of rust.--typical of datsuns of the age
bottoms of the doors. Back bottom corners of the boot mostly Great fun car to drive though

gph1961, Sep 7, 1:50pm
yes and yes
factory cast iron dual exhaust manifolds
3.36 diff
bucket seats
center console
factory o/p temp amp gauges
electric t/gate glass

gph1961, Sep 7, 2:03pm
now that I think about it no o/p gauge

orphic1, Sep 7, 2:17pm
yours have the brown interior?. Red interior EXACTLY the same as we had. with the optional power ass disc brakes option and the a.m. radio

gph1961, Sep 7, 5:10pm
shoulda kept it as i spent a bundle on the body
sold it and the guy stuck the engine in an LH dont know what happened to the rest
shoulda kept my FE EK Bel Air
binned LJ FD victor anglebox morry thou(got a dozen beer for that) lost my PB vauxhall and still dont know what happened to it

holden113, Sep 7, 5:27pm
Yep, the X2 HD/HR's have an oil pressure gauge along with the others you mentioned ๐Ÿ˜€

orphic1, Sep 7, 5:45pm
That WAS my dads car. It still looks like new. I know the entire history of her.

holden113, Sep 7, 7:00pm
That's awesome ๐Ÿ‘

It was for a number of years owned by a family friend of ours involved with early Holdens here in Auckland. still had the original EC6186 number plate then.

She's now owned by somebody in the Carterton region and gets along to afew local shows.

We would have some older photos of it from the 1990's/early 2000's around here somewhere.

I own 2 numbers matching HR X2 Station Wagons, 1 Premier & 1 Special and like to try and keep track of other genuine X2's around the country ๐Ÿ˜Ž

gph1961, Sep 7, 7:17pm
well mine woulda then I just couldnt remember for certain
the real cool thing I thought were the look of the X2 badge grille/tailgate

gph1961, Sep 7, 7:19pm
my foreman had a HK 186S Monaro

holden113, Nov 23, 4:40pm
That's correct, HD had the X2 badge's on the grille and tailgate/bootlid and HR had the X2 badge's on the front guards and tailgate/bootlid ๐Ÿ‘

The world's a funny place. alot of the "older" generation who lived through the 50s/60s/70s couldn't care less about the vehicles they used to drive/see around/live in!

Yet I'm in my late 20's, a mechanic by day on what I consider to be generic modern junk, BUT I own 7 Holdens all of which are pre 1990 (older than myself) and happily use them all the time, without any serious mechanical issues.

My 2 (of 7) babies ๐Ÿ˜Š

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