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intrade, Mar 26, 11:56am

intrade, Mar 26, 11:58am
what do you think needs to be done?
"I say they have to unload containers to raise it from the floor"
looks like they already put this in the article. cut and paste after i made the comment based on how i think not what i read somewhere.

To lighten the load, the team says it may have to remove at least some of the ship’s containers and drain the vessel of the water serving as ballast before further dredging the area and then trying again to nudge the ship using tugboats.

apollo11, Mar 26, 12:09pm
I don't think that would save any time, craning containers onto barges would be slow going. They just need to break the bow loose, more tugs!

intrade, Mar 26, 12:14pm
What do you propose they do? i never said it will be easy the freighter has no cranes so you need a bigger ship with crane to unload. and you cant just pump the ballast out or it will tip on its side on top of it after.

theguyz1, Mar 26, 12:18pm
. ummm,ballast removed yesterday actually and pumping out fuel today. according to Al Jazeera this morning.

intrade, Mar 26, 12:23pm
what do you recon this will be next?
hey at least containers will dump on land right

apollo11, Mar 26, 12:29pm
Perhaps the tugs will be used to steady it?

theguyz1, Mar 26, 12:33pm
. if it was at sea perhaps,but this ship is kinda wedged in a canal. the containers are tricky as alot of the middle ones need to be removed and there are no land based ones that could actually reach,and putting cranes on barges is a bit of a nightmare. apparently.

theguyz1, Mar 26, 12:36pm
. yup,quite a few of em were used too. she be a long ship alright.

intrade, Mar 26, 12:38pm
300 meters if i recall correct

theguyz1, Mar 26, 12:40pm
. 400 with 20,000 containers. bit of a bugger huh.

intrade, Mar 26, 12:50pm
now. the easy option on paper would be to ram a damm before and after the ship and pump water in to it to re-float and turn it . But that is easy said on paper then it is to do in the real world. However the dam could be reused in future on th canal if this happened again once they have it working.

spead, Mar 26, 12:58pm
Yes. that may take a month as the ship is a giant in the industry.

apollo11, Mar 26, 12:59pm
Yeah nah.

saxman99, Mar 26, 1:50pm
Ram it at one end with another container carrier going full ahead.

socram, Mar 26, 7:33pm
Shouldn't affect our petrol prices directly, as our fuel comes from south of the canal. Seems they buried it into the side of the canal pretty well.

They may have to use the barges to push and drag it out backwards.

intrade, Mar 26, 7:35pm
oil price is going up because of it and we all know what our petrol stations do as soon as oil goes up.

poppy62, Mar 26, 7:50pm
Buy an EV! and stop stressing about petrol prices.

intrade, Mar 26, 7:56pm
lol i have diesel who can run on waste engine oil like my mb140 if i have to.

s_nz, Mar 27, 2:00pm
Seems the current approach is to lighten the ship by offloading the easy to do stuff (fuel & ballast water), while also digging out the area that the bow and stern are stuck on with dredges, while also using tugs to pull and push.

They are scrambling the best salvage crews from around the world to resolve this.

Can't use too much force as there is a risk that the ship could snap in two, requiring multiple months to clean up and reopen the canal.

Ultimatly they may need to remove the containers, but given it is a 20,000 TEU ("Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit") ship that looks fairly full, doing this with mobile cranes could take several weeks. - Would be great if that could be avoided.

philltauranga, Mar 27, 2:54pm
I wonder if they could use a hydraulic water sluicing method to carve out the bank under the bow with high pressure water pumps and a lance mounted to a digger?

m16d, Mar 27, 6:31pm
Does anyone think this was more than an accident, and the ship was deliberately rammed into the bank to block the canal.

intrade, Mar 27, 6:34pm
no its japan owned and likely file for bankruptcy after its free. based on these 2 thing i would say unlikely

intrade, Mar 27, 6:36pm
they try and do this with dredgers was just on tv1 news . dredgers suck sand away

ronaldo8, Mar 27, 8:29pm
I'm sure some doofus does

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