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intrade, Sep 15, 11:19am
problem is 6x6`is already 36 square. my naigbour architect told me its the footprint.
Also i did see somwhere kit buildings 30 m2. cant remember who and where totalspan or so.

unideck, Sep 15, 11:36am
Hey intrade, if you are “rural” it’s 100 square meters 🤙

apollo11, Sep 15, 11:43am
Pole sheds or hay barns to 110m2. Need to be professionally engineered and designed or constructed by an LBP.

tony9, Sep 15, 11:58am
6x6' is 36 square feet. Limit before building consent requires is 30 square metres floor area.

36 square feet is about 3.6 square metres.

jmma, Sep 15, 12:11pm
You know what he meant!

apollo11, Sep 15, 12:22pm
Don't you know how to speak 'intradese'?

nzshooter01, Sep 15, 12:25pm
ill be building one in selwyn county before xmas
6 x 5 mtrs clad in coloursteel

nzshooter01, Sep 15, 12:26pm
dont think this is correct?

intrade, Sep 15, 3:51pm
i am talking 6 meter by 6 meter is 36 meter sqare

tony9, Sep 15, 4:08pm
Then you will need a building consent (at least) and a Licensed Building Practitioner to at least sign off the job.

Make it 6m by 5m floor space, use a timber frame, conventional cladding, iron roof (all lightweight building material) and you can do it yourself with no building consent. Make sure it is not too close to the boundary and you don't exceed ground cover for your district plan or you will need a resource consent.

You also need to make sure the construction complies with the building act, but no one needs to check that is so.

intrade, Sep 15, 4:52pm
what your gona use i was thinking there is got to be kitsets made up for the law as a best seller.

apollo11, Sep 15, 5:19pm
By floor space, does that mean across the foundations, or space within the walls?
Someone mentioned before that it would need to be it's own height from any existing dwelling. If closer then a BC would be needed? Also, I gather a garage wouldn't need a cavity system?

tony9, Sep 15, 5:42pm

laurelanne, Sep 15, 5:47pm
You are talking about something that is probably still on the drawing board intrade. Shouldn't have to wait to long before it hits the market.

tony9, Sep 15, 5:51pm
Depends on the materials used. The frame has to be protected from water ingress. Either by using durable/treated frame or using a weatherproof lining/building paper and a gap to to the cladding.

Some stuff here. https://www.standards.govt.nz/assets/Publication-files/BSP/NZS3604-2011.pdf

richardmayes, Sep 15, 5:57pm
You can build a 40 sq.m carport without consent provided you've had the design reviewed by a CPEng. and/or had LPB involved in design and construction.

All of which might end up dearer than getting a standard kitset carport consented and built by one of the standard carport outfits?


apollo11, Sep 15, 6:19pm
Someone mentioned that part of the 'low risk' requirement was that it couldn't be more than it's own height from existing dwelling, I gather in case it falls over lol.

unideck, Sep 15, 8:21pm
Your right, it’s 110 sqm not 100 👍

esprit, Sep 16, 2:48am
Has to be it's own height from any existing dwelling and from any boundary, otherwise it requires building consent, this is codified in the NZ building code.

Even a Mitre10 garden shed needs to be it's own height from the boundary if you're building it without building consent.

apollo11, Sep 16, 7:00am
Thanks. This will put the kaibosh on a few plans.

nzshooter01, Sep 16, 7:25am
Concrete slab, 100 x 50 timber framed walls, trussed roof framing, coloursteel cladding
Metal framed kitsts maybe advailable but i doubt any cheaper,

supernova2, Sep 16, 10:03am
Depends what value you put on your time. If the kitset is made properly, and that's a BIG if, then its simply a case of open the box and assemble. No mucking about sourcing bits and pieces, cutting framing and so on.

nzshooter01, Sep 16, 8:41pm
48 yrs in the building trade, may as well put it to use

nzshooter01, Sep 16, 8:45pm
this is great, but for what im doing, a cple hundred mtrs of NZO 100 x 50 and a long weekend will see me there

incar., Sep 17, 1:58am
I'm in the process of designing and building a 5x6 meter garage, i'll be using steel purlins etc from metal craft, I've been looking at kit sets before the new regs came in but will go with something like this


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