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apollo11, Sep 17, 7:22am
Interesting watching the house next door go up. Nearly all the framing is prenailed lvl. I'd love to buy some for a shed, but the only stuff I've found is untreated. Surely it would need to be treated to H1?

martin11, Sep 17, 7:24am
Thats too light for NZ conditions .

apollo11, Sep 17, 7:41am
In what way? It looks like a fortress when compared to the 'Trade Tested' junk.

incar., Sep 17, 9:57am
I've built a deck and Pergola, using the mc purlins. Stronger than wood. And I live in a high wind zone.


intrade, Sep 17, 10:09am
i just got some flyer from council 40m2 for carport i think i maybe get a 40m2 concrete base then you can put either or on it after . Tomorrow suposedly rain in taumarunui so then i will do more research from links on that flyer.
Biggest problem here was always building material cost it has not risen as much as food . food has gone up 100% and building stuff is the same expensive and some garbage like a meter wide mdf cabinet by 1.8 meter tall with no paint was 380 doller in 1990 now its laminated no paint required for 100 bux just like it was in the late 80s in europe when we paid almost 400 for that.

intrade, Sep 17, 10:39am
is whats on the flyer refering to this website.

martin11, Sep 17, 11:07am
Snow and wind loading /bracing and yes Trade Tested is junk .

apollo11, Sep 17, 11:25am
Every steel framed shed I've looked at looks the same or less than that. I've got a 6 x 6m steel framed shed on my property that has survived 160km/h winds with no issues. It's framing is just 100 x 50 galv steel. Steel cladding is fixed to three horizontals with self tappers, cheap and cheerful.

brouser3, Sep 17, 12:11pm
Yeah - there is so much 'over-engineered' stuff now days. Why not just put it up and use it. If you ever want to sell - tell the buyer 'as is where is' and I can remove it if there is to much problem, it won't affect the asking price tho'.

axelvonduisberg, Sep 17, 1:55pm
I have a mate living rural Taupiri who enquired of Waikato County Council re consent for a small garage and they wanted a $20,000.00 payment for the Consent,

nzshooter01, Sep 17, 3:55pm
Unless regs have changed untreated NZO is ok for general frameing use, at least in selwyn county where i will be building it has natural immunity to insect attack,
Beautifull strait grained timber

apollo11, Sep 17, 4:58pm
My second house was built by a Dutch carpenter in the '60's. All large timbers were recycled Oregon beams, massively overbuilt. 350 x 50's at 400 centres for the lounge floor etc.
I'm not sure what hoops you need to jump through to use timber 'other than pine'. How do you get it graded for strength?

john7891, Sep 17, 6:46pm
I don't understand the height of structure from boundary rule. If you can build a fence on boundary to a certain height, why not a shed?
If shed exceeds fence height it could be located amount by which it exceeds mandated fence height from boundary
A walk around my suburb indicates this rule is generally ignored. .

apollo11, Sep 17, 7:01pm
You can, but it will require building consent or resource consent. Having said that, there are a lot of sheds against fences all over the country- only a problem if someone complains to council.

nzshooter01, Sep 17, 7:13pm
Its graded at the saw mill, probably by machine, hence MSG, machine stress graded

apollo11, Sep 17, 7:24pm
OK, I didn't know they were stress grading anything other than pine. I was looking at macrocarpa at one stage for the same sort of thing.

tony9, Sep 17, 9:42pm
Oregon is quite a common building material now. Does not need treatment for most framing work.

intrade, Sep 18, 9:05am
is that the building code or is that a fact?
because as we all know if you build to code you must have black mould on your ceiling and walls fall out in . Only then you have built it to nz standards.

intrade, Sep 18, 9:17am
Here is the problem i have with steel. i am a steel fanboy my workshop is made of concrete block and RSJ beams as floor and laminated wood beams .
The issues are if a panel on one of them steel constructions rust. and steel will rust. especially if its not a RSJ but a roof or wall bracket from what 0.5mm tin folded or so. If that rusts you dont get the hammer out and whack the rotten part out clean it and nail in a new piece. You then have to do a bodge job grind and weld and then you have more potential for more rust. or . You start taking it expensive apart and have a new piece manufactured a 4x2 is like 25 bux to buy as where a custom made steel part that may on top not fit after you paid 500 to 1000 bux to have it remade . you see where that is going.
advantage are with steel it wont burn down and wont blow away like american and nz made houses made with toothpicks.
Now you could have the argument you build it with prefabricated penals. Yes but what if you build it and next year they switch design or not to far fetched they file for bancrupcy next year. you then have no other options then what i pointed out. you dont go to place makes for a 4x2 cause bunnys closed to repair it again. . as you could if its made of wood.

apollo11, Sep 18, 10:41am
Lets face it intrade, the day you are happy with something, you will keel over dead. Galv steel will last thirty years on an unpainted roof, out in the elements. A galv steel beam or stud inside a steel building will be around long after you go up the crematorium smoke stack.

intrade, Sep 19, 8:25am
well i dont know about that propper galvanising yes but i seen galvanised trailer from naigbour she keeps it in the shed on top i did think it was dirt and did try to clean it. but it turned out to be rust everywhere come thru the galvanising.

apollo11, Sep 19, 11:49am
Oh, so you saw a rusty trailer and based your opinions about galvanising on that? Perhaps she has a shitty made in China trailer that wasn't galvanised properly.

intrade, Sep 19, 12:10pm
nop was actuarly a brand name trailer if i recall right. plus i am not her to argue i pointed out the potential problems.

apollo11, Sep 19, 12:49pm
I've seen horizontal steel stringers coated in corrosive bird shit, kept damp from condensation dripping through torn building paper, survive many years. I think you are worrying about nothing. And these sheds are bolted or screwed together, it would be a simple task to get something folded up out of galv sheet and slot it in.

tweake, Sep 19, 1:00pm
pretty common to have metal stud walls in office buildings. however i have seen them rusty.
with steel sheds the sheer size, heating from the sun and lots of air flow mean they don't really rust. they are only galv bond not hot dipped galv.

you could get problems with small sheds due to condensation building up if there is no air flow to get rid of it.

trailer, more than likely left something on it which has eaten the galv.

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