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tony9, Dec 16, 8:27pm
Within 50 years the wood would be rotted or burnt, so any temp carbon capture is irrelevant.

bill-robinson, Dec 17, 7:42am
you can weld steel, and cut it with a gas axe. not advisable to do on wood though.

tygertung, Dec 17, 7:56am
No, have to use a saw on wood.

intrade, Dec 17, 10:07am
there is plus and minuses
a wood one you can use a 35 doller hand saw and a hammer and nails . a steel one you need 800 doller or more welding equipment .
a steel one in a fire may not be totally gone as where a wood one will be and a steel one is less prone to fuel a fire. A wood one is more easy to line.

apollo11, Dec 17, 11:12am
Welding equipment? Are you talking portal frames or shed kitsets? Kitset sheds just need a cordless drill for assembly, and a $25 angle grinder with a cutoff blade if you want to modify. But if you are the type of person to spend $300 on a torch I'm sure you'll find something to overspend on.
*And good luck building a wooden shed with a handsaw.

tygertung, Dec 17, 11:31am
Can't you use a drill and rivets to make patches?

trade4us2, Dec 17, 4:25pm
I have an architect designed 36 sq.m carport built with a consent. After someone tried to steal a car, I put on a door and cladding. Is that legal?

apollo11, Dec 17, 5:54pm
No. It's no longer just a carport. But I'd guess no one is going to care, and council won't unless they get a complaint.

framtech, Dec 17, 10:30pm
Just to note,
kitset steel sheds are made of galvanized steel and are tek screwed together and NOT welded
RSJ steel portals are bolted or welded and wood bolted to cleats
Timber framed sheds are nailed together and bolted/wired to piles or bolted to a structural concrete floor
Timber beam sheds and pole sheds are bolted and nailed together with pole set in concrete (concrete floor not structural)

Both steel sheds and timber sheds cannot survive a fire, wood charrs and steel yields and is weakened, galvanizing fails, both types are a write off

framtech, Oct 9, 9:40am
The issue is building paper under the cladding (not required for a carport), a carport normally won't have building paper under the roof cladding but is required if closed in.
Another issues can be the bracing, light and ventilation.

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