Tyre experts opinion please

whynot47, Jun 7, 4:31pm
I bought a car with a new set of tyres and I think the road noise is really bad.
The tyres are Dunlop ennasave EC 301+
size is 195 by 65 by 15.
Do you think these are the problem or rather the car. lack of soundproofing?
If these tyres are good, then I will tell you the car make in the next question, and what I might do to lower the noise level. thanks

m16d, Jun 7, 4:43pm
What colour is the car. ?

korban, Jun 7, 4:43pm
Hard to know without knowing what the car is

whynot47, Jun 7, 7:03pm
Are these good quality tyres or are they known to be very cheap and nasty tyres. that is the question really.
Tyre people will know.

absolute_detail, Jun 7, 7:27pm
They are an economy tyre so expect noise

loud_37, Jun 7, 8:14pm
The guys above are asking about the car as you may go out and buy better tyres but still have the same level of road noise because of the type of car. This would end up being a waste of money.

tamarillo, Jun 7, 10:35pm
Unsure how they can be an economy tyre at $200 each made by Dunlop … a recognised world wide tyre maker.
Op, the chip seal we make roads with is very noisy and some cars simp,y hush that up better than others. Sometimes jap imports are, by report, worse.
For instance Mazda was known as noisy and on,y lately went to a lot of trouble to properly fix it. An import Mazda 3 is, imo, bloody awful on out chip seal. So imo ain’t nought wrong with tyres you picked a noisy car.

stevo2, Jun 8, 5:46am
Yep, the early Mazda3/Axela was a shocker and even the quietest tyres couldnt hush it up. Thats the main reason we sold ours.

trouser, Jun 8, 6:35am
It's your car. New tyres are quieter than old ones and new tyres only really differ by 3db between each other which isn't terribly much. Most smaller cheaper Japanese and Korean cars don't managed road noise well especially hatch backs that don't have a parcel tray or cover. If you are handy on the tools the are ways to address the noise management.

absolute_detail, Jun 8, 7:40am
They are designed with fuel economy in mind and are always noisier

vtecintegra, Jun 8, 10:37am
They're never going to be a quiet car but tyres will still make a big difference on those - my partners car had a pair of RE002s on it (don't ask me why, that's what the tyre shop sold her) and depending on whether they were on the front or back of the car (the other tyres were Turanzas of some sort which were much quieter)

whynot47, Jul 28, 4:58pm
Thanks guys I think I will just have to put up with it.
Toyota hatchback. always had a boot car before. and those big chips on the roads nowadays are awfull. Sounds like not much point in new tyres

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