How long did i say till 20 year old import sold.

intrade, Dec 12, 11:50am
i just managed to get the question answered as to what engine it had it was a 1999 townace noha 130,000km 4wd diesel it however had the E for eavel engine code. i rather deal with a D4d then electronic pump that denso dont supply no parts for. plus it was not 2000 so 6 month wof. Did not stop people to buy it real quick for over 10 grand
1999 Toyota Liteace Noah G Exurb 4WD
Fri 11 Dec 12:46 pm
Listing #:
$10950Withdrawn by seller
it looked like a minta

pettal, Dec 12, 11:57am

Classified has expired

intrade, Dec 12, 11:58am
i told you its sold i posted the details from my lost listings. you cant otherwise see it. that thing was listed here like 4 days or so tops.
if you click on immage you should see what it was .

intrade, Dec 12, 12:20pm
If your a car dealer get with the programm. You have to resell what sells not what you think should sell. or you will be bankrupt mark my words.
if you find me a d4d 4wd hiace with long nose mdeium or high roof id pay 10 to 20 grand solong aqs its 1 year wof. i posted a immage to one once its the only hiace ever sold in europe non of the deathtraps where ever on sale. that i get flooded with each morning.
Ford transit is sortof out because the guy who has a taxi business wirth mondeos has a vito mercedes as van that tells you a lot right there. i was going to do research if any of them transit are any good as they are almost the only ones with 4.5 ton and high roof or long wheel base dual wheels with wof.

intrade, Dec 14, 5:56am
just got semmed with google news with erican import rules big brother is warching and i like it they spam me with i like to know no

serf407, Dec 14, 10:40am
The Africans seems to like their vehicles simple - take out catalytic converter, take out abs, take out air bags.

two9s, Dec 14, 8:15pm
I would have thought that the 'ultimate' sustainable vehicle was one that was well maintained, lasted 30-40 years and was easily recyclable. Show me an EV that can do that! They won't even know what software was used to operate it, in 30 years time

intrade, Dec 15, 8:46am
here is a funny one i wonder if the seller knows he called it what they are and they still bid on it(scrolling thru the cars mails i get 3 lots each morning.
1992 Toyota Estima Enema
227,000km. Station Wagon, 2184cc diesel engine
cant really comment on his listing as i have no doubt it would put buyers off if they know this could be a steaming enema any time soon as they all did just that at about this milage with incorrect coolant ec$xchange heater core is highest point with S bends above the filler.

neville48, Oct 9, 4:55pm
They take out the cats because of Covid. the mines that mine the Platignum stones in the cats are closed or slowed up from covid so they are collecting from 2nd hand cats for new cars. hence the price from the gatherers of 2nd hand cats is through the roof. up to $700 for the right ones. ?

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