Lucas M35J Starter Motor

car__parts, Nov 8, 12:45pm
I see there a many versions of this starter, mostly having different bendix operation, some having integrated solenoid and some using the old remote solenoid. The question I have is are the shafts all the same, so can you change an inertia bendix drive withe pre engaged style?

poppy62, Nov 8, 3:13pm
Different shafts ( as I recall). Why are you looking to change the starters? The older bendix drive unit has the advantage of a remote solenoid which comes in handy for Timing and valve settings etc., Keeping things standard is always the easiest and cheapest way to fix a problem.

car__parts, Nov 8, 6:54pm
I was wanting to keep the remote solenoid and the Inertia system, but was more interested in if I could purchase one of the ones with the attached solenoid and change the front housing and the bendix bit over from mine.

bigfatmat1, Nov 9, 12:52pm
no is the short answer

gph1961, Nov 9, 5:37pm

mrfxit, Nov 10, 11:44am
Yea NAH, 95% no, 5% is anybodys guess.

mrfxit, Oct 26, 3:57pm
Easy fix, remote switch & alligator clips