School holidays = petrol price increase

voyager4, Dec 1, 1:11pm
Yet again no surprises here.

mouse265, Dec 1, 1:18pm
oh well you wont be able to voyage too far then

tygertung, Dec 1, 1:54pm
Just go cycle touring instead?

patiki1, Dec 1, 1:57pm
Dont have Kids

sw20, Dec 1, 2:17pm
1.729 for 91 in CHCH. 1.819 for 95.

rodeorunch, Dec 2, 6:30am
I see Z was $2.11 for 91 in new Lynn Auckland yesterday.

gazzat22, Dec 2, 9:28am
I would push my car past Z to any other petrol station if i was out of gas.

two9s, Dec 4, 8:33pm
Far far too many motorists out there with more money than sense. Went past a Z followed by a BP, then in a bit a gull. Z and BP full of motorists, Gull just a couple of cars. Gull 15c/L cheaper!

sw20, Dec 4, 9:55pm
I can't believe people still willingly pay for premium fuel at BP with the options available in Christchurch.

Pak n Save, with no discount voucher is 1.817 for 95. BP is 2.249. 43.2 cents difference. On a 50 litre fill thats $21.60 difference.

100 octane at NPD is 2.019, 98 at BP 2.359. 34 cents difference. $17/50 litre fill.

kiwilandchch, Dec 27, 5:02pm
Seems like Invercargill's turn to have high petrol prices this year they where pretty low last couple years compared rest south Island. Just when im about move back bummer

kiwilandchch, Dec 27, 5:03pm
Thats how I feel about BP greedy pigs

wasgonna, Dec 27, 5:15pm
But they're on the back of the car I need to fill up.

marte, Dec 27, 5:25pm
NPD 100 was $2.40 before Covid & less than $2 last week & I think $2.10 (+?) now.

intrade, Dec 27, 5:32pm
cheapest fuel in northland is new world Regent with 6 cent new world shopping discount 6 cent off diesel 1,05$ think it was 1,76 for 95 Ron

stevo2, Dec 27, 6:31pm
filled up with diesel this morning on the way to our bach. $1.10 (-6c ) at Caltex in Tauranga. Passing through Kati 30km away was $1.27(-6c) also at Caltex. Why the huge differences?

intrade, Dec 27, 6:58pm
stevo2 wrote:
filled up with diesel this morning on the way to our bach. $1.10 (-6c ) at Caltex in Tauranga. Passing through Kati 30km away was $1.27(-6c) also at Caltex. Why the huge differences?[/quote END

competition started by waitomo groupe.
i recall when dicksmiss electronic was operating in nz . i made jokes like we have to eat electronics soon as it is cheaper the food. As soon as dicksmiss was gone prices ramped up and where higher then anywhere else on the planet.
waitomo is no longer the cheapest. but without them we would still pay 2.40$ a liter you can bet on it.
like highest prices in country is 5 meter next to gungster thug oil Refinarie
the sooner they close the better Stinking polluting $hithole the price i posted you wont get anywhere in northland next cheapest is mobile. and no 98 apart from the catpi$$ ethanol the G thugs sell you.

bumfacingdown, Dec 28, 12:27am
Waitomo in Dunedin I see

neell, Dec 29, 12:38pm
But, but, but Comrade Clueless was going to stop all those "not nice" fuel companies ripping customers off.
I guess she is too busy building 10,000 "affordable" houses a year.

kiwilandchch, Dec 29, 1:10pm
wasnt there then but that sucks

elect70, Dec 29, 2:57pm
Levin is still the same as pre xmass caltex cheapest for 95 mobil dearest even with discount .

nice_lady, Dec 29, 3:45pm
The biggest ripoff in the fuel cost is the Govt taxes. By far.

clark20, Oct 4, 4:08pm
Yeah, maybe they know the true value of their fuel.

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