Honda vtec vcm engine

bazz911, May 4, 8:47pm
Hi, Has anyone got any experience of Honda v6 VTEC VCM engines, 3000cc.
I am considering buying a 3000cc Honda Elysion, but concerned as to the reliability of this type of engine. the cylinders in use vary according to the speed for fuel economy. ie 3,or4 or 6 cylinders.
I have driven a couple, but engine at idel sounds "Rattley" like a bearing has gone Could be water pump or anything, Dont know if this is normal with this type of engine. anybody got an Elysion that can help. Cheers

m16d, May 5, 7:24am
The Mrs has a 3 and a half liter V6 Accord, done 160 thou. the engine is dead quiet, at idle with the bonnet up the only noise you can hear is the belts wizzing round.

dublo, May 5, 2:51pm
Same with our 1999 3 Litre Accord at 132000km, NZ-new and full service history from new.

franc123, May 5, 8:26pm
Nah those as a rule are quiet, even for an alloy block thing. You may get some injector noise but thats all. Power steer pumps can occasionally get noisy and need replacing but they whine, not rattle.

buxtonke, May 5, 9:04pm
The 3.0 V6 has manual valve adjustment. Due every 100,000 km.

buxtonke, Aug 11, 5:57pm
By that, I mean the valves may be causing the noise if that has not been done

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