Product for removing Brake dust? off drive

kassie48, Nov 7, 3:50pm
Definitely not oil. New drive, been down approx 6 weeks.

nice_lady, Nov 7, 4:16pm
Brake dust ? Really ? If it's ground into the surface of the concrete then you're probably not going to be able to remove it without using say a waterblaster and that's NOT recommended on concrete as it'll literally blast away some of the concrete surface !

kassie48, Nov 7, 4:53pm
No idea re dust?

intrade, Nov 7, 5:03pm
well logic would tell you brake dust would only really show up like in your description if someone whipped a brake drum off and washed the dust with brake cleaner on to the concrete.
My brain cells asked me if You was talking rust stains

cjohnw, Nov 7, 5:05pm
This stuff works well getting it off the wheels.
Can’t say I have tried it on a concrete drive but should not stain.

kassie48, Nov 7, 5:30pm
Thanks for help will try tomorrow, not rust

kazbanz, Nov 7, 9:11pm
What is the driveway made of? -Im thinking good old fashioned hot soapy water a scrubbing brush and soap

marte, Nov 8, 2:37am
I expect that brake dust is a mix of the pad material & the disc/drum material & so it will be made up of a lot of fine rust particals.

CLR product, concrete cleaner or evapo-rust from Supercheap auto

pauldw, Oct 27, 6:56am
If it's black marks it's probably just rubber off the tyres.

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