What is motor like in Toyota 2.5 Gracia

whynot47, Aug 13, 7:23pm
any good . any weaknesses. economy? Parts

tamarillo, Aug 13, 8:44pm
Isn’t this just Japanese name for a Camry. In which case reliable as hell though with 4 speed auto not particular economical.

intrade, Aug 14, 9:59am
it all depends on the age. basic rule is the newer it is the more problems if you dont service it right and we all know people who drive asian cars especially toyota think servicing is only for euro cars. They are having a rude awakening now with repair bills in the many tousends.
So you really need to know what engine code and what year it comes from. you sure cant say they are reliable when its 8 years old and possibly only had 1 real service in that time.

lk104, Aug 14, 11:23am
Gracia 2.5L is the 2MZFE engine. Plenty of parts available and not too expensive unlike Euros, much the same as the 1MZFE which is in Camry and a few others. Being a 6 cyl they wont be that economical, but no 6 is.

kazbanz, Aug 14, 12:18pm
If you are referring to the 1990's Camry Gracia then reliable ,solid,a bit heavier on the juice that the 2.2 and were prone to smoke on startup with a few miles on the clock

intrade, Aug 14, 12:30pm
yea that would be from hard seals by cooking the oil that was never changed on time. but that and a few other minor fixable problems are about all that affect the old high emission engine.

toenail, Aug 14, 5:02pm
yes there are weaknesses and yes it has a fuel economy number.

whynot47, Aug 14, 9:10pm
Its a 2000 year.

whynot47, Aug 14, 9:12pm
Thanks guys. especially ik104. kaz

annie17111, Dec 6, 6:01pm
Mine was a 1997 and had no issues

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