Diesel in petrol engine - possible damage?

fishb8, Jul 23, 11:42am
2019 Suzuki Vitara 1.4 turbo, 11kkm.
I went to an unfamiliar gas station and picked up the diesel nozzle . Tried to insert it but only went in a very small amount then forecourt attendant took over and filled up.
Drove for 4 km before mis-firing and pulled over. Got recovery to take back to the dealer we bought from.
Dealer said insurance will cover it. AMI wanted a fuel change, restart, diagnostic check and compression test. All went ok including a 50 km run.
Suzuki says replace injectors + other components to continue their warranty or warranty re engine components voided.
AMI have said should there be and subsequent possible damage to engine related to the wrong fuel, they will give the car a warranty for next 7 years.
What possible damage could be caused?

esprit, Jul 23, 12:37pm
Generally diesel in petrol is fine once cleared out, it's the other way around that's a problem.

franc123, Jul 23, 12:40pm
Highly unlikely its damaged anything at all, its much more serious if it was diesel and you put petrol in it. I doubt Suzuki would even have a new set of injectors in the country for one of those anyway! If the agency has drained the tank, refueled it and thoroughly road tested it and it is running perfectly OK there is no problem, you may possibly get a wee shot of blue smoke from the exhaust after a cold start for the first tankful. If it was mine I would like to see what the exhaust oxygen sensors are reading, and reading in relation to each other, to ensure that they and the catalytic converter are working exactly as they should be, but that's all. A problem in this area would bring up.the check engine lamp anyway. I'd just drive it.

richardmayes, Jul 23, 1:09pm
The manufacturer's warranty is one of the most valuable features of a new car, I'd be doing what Suzuki said.

m16d, Jul 23, 5:40pm
If the forecourt attendant doesn't know the difference between a diesel and petrol car, she should be working at the warehouse.

tamarillo, Jul 23, 6:33pm

fishb8, Jul 23, 6:34pm
AMI have agreed to cover the car for 10 years for unexpected premature wear issues. They are putting their cover in writing. The remainder of the car is still covered by their warranty.
The repairs that Suzuki wanted was going to cost $13+k. There were 2 injectors in NZ and the dealer brought 2 more in from Japan in the expectation the insurance company would agree with the Suzuki approved repair job.
The car is running sweetly, now.
I know of a car that had diesel put into a petrol tank and it ran but smokily and after the tank was refueled with petrol it ran well for another 100k. I'm hoping ours will do the same.

peanuts37, Jul 23, 6:47pm
Just take it for a run over the weekend with a bit of hill or open road work and good to go.

Edit to add, just read its had the 50k run. all good.

slarty45, Jul 23, 6:57pm
AMI 7yrs sounds good but you might trade it before then?
I have same wheels & gave AllGrip a workout for 1st time this morning on overnight snow. A fairly steep hill going up with slightly clenched sphincter coming back down.

pauldw, Jul 24, 1:44pm
We have one of these and I was very surprised that there wasn't a label on the filler flap showing required fuel rating. Since Suzuki couldn't be rsed get some small letterbox numbers and stick 95 on the flap. $4 worth of insurance. Our car is red and that matches the 95 nozzles in the petrol stations normally used. I don't know if there are other colours for super petrol but diesel hoses usually have a warning flap you have to ignore before using.

slarty45, Jul 24, 1:54pm
My 2019 has the recommended fuel label,
which I ignore as I use NPD 100+ ($2.01 today)

dealer might be able to source a label

mrfxit, Jul 24, 2:44pm
Suzuki are just arsecovering, nothing more.
How many other insurance companys will cover full normal mechanical lifespan (new warranty length) after this issue

onl_148, Jul 24, 4:41pm
Z used to have, not sure now, rolls of sticky labels behind the counter. one say "Z91" , "Z95" or "Z DIESEL". they are a freebie give away for sticking inside the fuel flap !
I used to give them away to drivers, many times foreigner with a newly picked up rental, who came into the service station and would ask "what type of fuel does this car / vehicle use" ?

fishb8, Jul 24, 4:52pm
There is a RON 95 sticker on the inside of the filler flap. Also the nozzle was only narrow enough for about an inch then it widened.
Still managed 44 litres. I'd have smelt it if I'd been filling it.
Surprisingly, different companies have different colours for their 3 fuels.
Germany seems to have about 8 different nozzles?
Picked up car today and drives as normal. Filled with 40 L of 95!

marte, Jul 24, 9:53pm
If it's a jap import

Regular gasoline (レギュラー),
High-octane gasoline(ハイオク)

pauldw, Jul 25, 5:45am
Thanks marte but just normal Hungarian import with no sticker.
fishb8 doing well to get 44l of diesel in, only a 47l tank.

fishb8, Jul 25, 6:27pm
I thought it was a 45L tank!
Wasn't planning to drive another 10 km to my regular gas station. Would have if I'd realised I had another 2L to spare!

morrisman1, Jul 25, 7:47pm
chances are its going to be fine. Diesel wont do any damage to a petrol fuel system. Its oilier, made of the same stuff and doesnt burn as quickly if it burns at all. those suzuki engines are pretty good too. if AMI are going to guarantee it for that period then Id be happy with that. Its either going to crap out in the next 6 months or it will live forever, either way you will be fine.

wind.turbine, Dec 17, 1:58pm
its only a problem the other way around as diesel has lubrication in it and petrol does not.
petrol in a diesel will nuke it in a very short drive.

Makes having diesel utes and a petrol boat take a bit more thinking when filling at the same time!

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