Mitsubishi Pajero V6 oil problems

car__parts, Aug 10, 8:04pm
I have a 2000 6g74 dohc 3.5 V6 model.It has had the crank ground, new bearings, rings, oil and filter. I have it running but can not get the pump to move oil,I have a gauge on it, and theres no sign of pressure. I removed filter housing and primed the pump filled the filter, etc but nothing. Any Ideas. Note: the engine was rebuilt because of run bearings. I can attach a hose to the sensor port and blow freely.

intrade, Aug 10, 8:06pm
yea oil pressure is made by restriction of oil gallery usually with a spring and ball. i wonder if it is broken or missing .
Also post what you did to finally get it going,
! dont run it without oil pressure it be nuked in no time.!

intrade, Aug 10, 8:17pm
dont know if it has virus i run linux its a v6 shows oil pressure spring in housing
front right in housing next to harmonic balancer bolt spring plunger. You need to prefill oil to get pressure its common knowhow. i filled my hilux L thru top bolt on housing to get oil pressure started years and years ago i sold my hilux a few years ago now

m16d, Aug 11, 9:55am
Oil pump stuffed. thats what wrecked the bearings in the 1st place. should have put a new one in when you did the motor.

car__parts, Aug 11, 10:33am
Sorry should have noted , new oil pump installed, I now think that there is no backpressure between the pump and the crank so oil is getting lost somwhere direct back to the sump. Not sure wether to remove engine or remove sump in vehicle,, I need to know if there is an oil plug missing or something, anyone know of an oil gallery diagram might help.

supernova2, Aug 11, 12:48pm
Not something silly like the bearing shells upside down and blocking the oil holes? Can you fill the galleries by injecting oil into the oil pressure switch hole?

car__parts, Aug 11, 1:43pm
I have removed the oil filter mount and put a tube in the bottom hole, oil runs slowly through the pump with a helping blow,, but the top hole goes to the bearings oil seems to discharge very quickly and yes ends up in the sump. I think somehow there is a open hole there somwhere letting the oil out. Just need to find out some more info on these motors before removing engine again.

supernova2, Aug 11, 6:45pm
I'm thinking that if its easy to drop the sump then do so and you will be able to see where the oil is coming out. Is there perhaps a gallery plug in the crank webs? If so did the recon shop forget to put it back?

car__parts, Aug 11, 9:07pm
I purchased the vehicle with run bearings, so it looks like the origonal problem still exists. I can get to the sump if I drop the front subframe and diff. I think that is what I need to do.

shakespeare6, Dec 7, 9:58am

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