Nissan Caravan 3.0 L Auto Diesel Increase Payload

vijay19, Dec 2, 8:39pm
Someone please advise me how to increase my 3.0 L Turbo Automatic LWB High Roof van payload by 500kg to GVM 3250kg?
Currently my van GVM 2750Kg

mrcat1, Dec 2, 9:16pm
Why do you want to do this?

saxman99, Dec 2, 9:26pm
Put 500kg more stuff in it.

s_nz, Dec 2, 9:27pm
Likely your best value option is to sell it, and buy a van with a payload that meets your needs. (of course this depends on the value or fitout if any).

I think it is possible to upgrade vehicles GVM's, using ADR approved suspension kits, and gaining LVV certification in NZ. That said, upgraded vehicles tend to be Utes and 4x4 SUV's. Kits for vans don't seem so common. My assumption is that is because higher payload vans are can be purchased for a reasonable cost. Higher payload 4x4 SUV's (than say a landcruiser 70) aren't available, and for utes, there is a big size and cost jump to get to something like an ivenco daily 4x4.

mrfxit, Dec 3, 2:55pm
Why . . . . .
Seriously tho, max factory GVM is normally a good match to the engines performance capabilities.
Increasing the GVM to legally carry more weight could be problematic out of town or in hilly town area's

tweake, Dec 3, 5:33pm
afaik those GVM upgrade kits are not legal in nz (unless they have changed their mind recently).
plenty of them being sold by shops saying they are "gvm upgrade" but the ones i've seen did not have a cert for it and afaik could not get a cert for "gvm upgrade".
afaik in nz its all marketing BS.

s_nz, Dec 3, 7:30pm
This article mentions that GVM upgrades can be certified on some vehicles: This thread has a post stating that NZTA accept Aust approval for GVM upgrade suspension, but apart from new unregistered vehicles, LVV certification is required.

tweake, Dec 3, 9:02pm
good to see.
i see where i have got my wires crossed.

tweake, Dec 3, 9:09pm
not at all.
its gvm not gcm. if it can't go up hills with its own load how is a stock one going to handle towing a trailer.

i would be more concerned with brakes, especially if they also fit bigger diameter tires.

mrfxit, Dec 4, 8:32am
All three in that case.
The manufactures normally match the vehicle & it's load capacitys fairly close within the expected performance of the drive train fitted.
If it came from the factory with a tow bar or had that option from the factory, then it would be expected to cope with the manufactures specified ratings.

The only time you can upgrade the registered ratings & stay within those OEM spec's is if the first reg in this country was rated lower then the manufactures ratings.

Going over has it's own set of issues to cope with.
COF modifications are not cheap

tweake, Oct 14, 12:40pm
not really.
there is plenty of vehicles out there that will crawl up hills in first gear when loaded to manufactures gcm. load capacities are more about being able to stop when going down the hill.
that don't care one bit about matching load to engine performance.
load limits are a safety requirement not a performance requirement.

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