Getting fuel from rav4 tank

jojo76, May 25, 1:39pm
We have a rav4 we are selling as is. It has 3/4 tank gas in it. Ideally we would like to syphine the fuel out. But we can’t get past something I’m assuming an anti theft ball. Is there any other “easy” way to get the fuel out? And no google isn’t helping. Thanks

tygertung, May 25, 1:58pm
There used to be a drain bung on the bottom of fuel tanks back in the '80s. It was driven with a 1/2" square drive.

Does it have that? You use a 1/2" ratchet on it.

But how much does 3/4 tank of petrol cost?

jojo76, May 25, 2:04pm
It’s a 1998. And about $80 worth of fuel maybe. Just being a tight arse 😂 well my son is

kam04, May 25, 2:30pm
Reverse the situation and your son was the purchaser and the seller whom he was buying the vehicle from removed fuel from the tank prior to pick up. What would your son think/say? Leave the fuel in, a sign of good gesture and appreciation of the sale

cjohnw, May 25, 3:14pm
How much are you going to leave in it?

gpg58, May 25, 3:21pm
Disconnect fuel line under bonnet, and attach hose, turn on key and let fuel pump do the job?

tygertung, May 25, 3:28pm
On my Lancer the fuel pump won't run unless the engine is turning over. Probably to reduce the fire risk in the event of an accident.

jojo76, May 25, 3:56pm
Will just leave it! it’s not really in a drivable condition selling more as parts hence why he wanted the fuel.

franc123, May 25, 4:52pm
If its not going to run again just drill a hole in the bottom of the tank.

trade4us2, May 25, 5:40pm
I had a lovely reliable car without airbags. It looked almost brand new. I decided to give it to a relative. I changed the oil and filters, got a WOF and filled it with petrol. It had near-new Pirelli tyres. Later I discovered that it had been deregistered. I guess someone had an accident and wrote it off.

tygertung, May 25, 6:17pm
Maybe, or sometimes rego just lapses

bigfatmat1, May 25, 6:58pm
Pull fuel line off off extend into container. Bridge relay out. If its older 90s model bridge out at diag connector under bonnet.

kazbanz, May 25, 9:14pm
What has happened to the RAV4? Is it the same one that was burning oil?

jojo76, May 25, 10:15pm
Yep same one. Came of second best after an altercation with a fence post, a month or so ago, and last week engine is really packed a poo! So selling as is. Which was the plan run it till it basically died.

strobo, May 26, 7:15am
No,No, NO Frank.some dude did this in chch and went up in flames and he got burnt badly.

gph1961, May 26, 7:27am

kazbanz, May 26, 8:54am
ida thunk the easiest way would be to take the fuel level sensor out and suck it out that hole

franc123, Aug 3, 4:59pm
Silly enough to use an electric drill was it?

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