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two9s, Jun 3, 8:05pm
Does a truck with a GVM in excess of 6,000kg need a cert to have a towbar fitted for toeing trailers less than 3,500 kgs?
I just know that 'certifying' everything in sight seems to be a favorite pastime of veh inspectors. But it would be good to know what is actually required. Cheers

s_nz, Jun 3, 9:25pm

franc123, Jun 3, 9:41pm
All towbars on vehicles subject to CoF require certification. It isn't a 'favourite pastime', its the rules.

mrfxit, Jun 3, 10:17pm
That split second a vehicle needs a COF, every hole/ nut /washer & bolt needs a cert inspection & tag.

two9s, Jun 4, 1:58pm
Thanks for the info. That seals the deal. Will be putting a fold down davit on the roof of the house truck to store the inflatable ;)

smallwoods, Jul 30, 3:15pm
Also will need chassis re cert if fitting a tow ball after manufacture.

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