Hydrolift boat

bulldogod, Sep 6, 9:44pm
Can anyone tell me diferance between hydrolift boat and one without?

slarty45, Sep 6, 10:06pm
like this?


Why the foil?

The bladerunner design is a deep vee catamaran hull with a delicately placed foil between the hulls.

The foil lifts the boat out of the water and supports her when she is planning, this means a much more economical ride with less boat left in the water.

cjohnw, Sep 7, 7:27am
If I recall it was Bonito boats that first used the term Hydrolift for some of their hulls.
I remember the Bonito Hydrolift MkIII
I think it was in reference to the chine rail along the hull which was supposed to lift the boat up onto the plane quicker.
I am hoping my memory hasn’t failed me here and happy to be proved wrong.

poppy62, Sep 7, 9:06am

cjohnw, Sep 7, 10:17am
Went on it a few times s well.

But that is a HydroFOIL.
OP is talking about the HydroLIFT name.
As I say, from memory used by Bonito boats 80’s - 90’s.

apollo11, Sep 7, 10:22am
And if you can wade through the Soviet style bureaucracy, there are ekranoplans piled up in yards in Eastern Europe for sale. They would make for an interesting houseboat lol.

orphic1, Sep 7, 12:21pm

poppy62, Sep 7, 2:05pm
This Govt's regulations here, would see that, You'd need to get rid of the motors, cut holes down the sides of the hull so you can fit Oars to it so you don't exceed any speed limits.

s_nz, Sep 7, 3:28pm
There are surprisingly few regulations for private watercraft in NZ. No Registration required (except PWC), no licence required etc. Generally no speed limits either (other than stuff like 5knots within 200m from shore, and 12knots form north head to the Auckland harbor bridge etc.

It's only if you want to use a boat commercial, take paying passengers etc that regulations become strict.

apollo11, Sep 7, 3:43pm
That's not the attitude poppy. Regulations are there to benefit everyone. (lol).

serf407, Sep 7, 4:00pm
Hydrolift is the name of a Norwegian boatbuilder.


gyrogearloose, Nov 23, 8:58pm
"etc" includes 5 knots within 50 metres of any other boat or swimmer.

The scariest thing I've ever encountered (aside from thumping a man who had me by the collar and wanted my wallet) was being buzzed by a jetski in the surf in front of the Oakura Surf Lifesaving clubrooms while the members were having a new years day BBQ - they ignored me waving my yellow handboard in the air, and the Taranaki harbourmaster didn't even bother replying to my report.

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