Honda motors F22B and H22A

differentthings, Dec 7, 8:56pm
What is the difference between the two. They look the same. Can I turn the F22B into a H22A if I swap heads

richardmayes, Dec 9, 12:01am
H series has high tech hardened cylinder linings, f series doesn't.

vtecintegra, Dec 9, 7:46am
As I understand it you can make it work but the head requires some modification (from memory there are extra oil passages in the H that aren't present in the F22)

Not sure it makes sense these days anyway, easier to get the whole H22a

differentthings, Oct 12, 2:45am
Yes thanks. Did some googling and 2 oil holes are different and the water pump pulley has to be swapped and a water pipe has to be cut and welded. Plus you end up with a low compression motor 8.5:1 which is ideal if you want to turbo it.
Just looking for a parts car but it's got a F22A motor

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