falcon74, Sep 5, 11:37am
Has anyone had any luck doing this please?

jmma, Sep 5, 11:44am
Yes, just leave it outside, it will rust OK then. Sorry couldn't resist lol

kazbanz, Sep 5, 11:52am
Fish tank stones. water and lotsa shaking.

intrade, Sep 5, 1:16pm
why the hell would you put water in a fuel tank. if anything it be white vinnigar that kills rust. i put a rusty feeler gague in vinigar as it removes rust. lol yea it did there was nothing there the next day must have been 98% consisted of rust was only .15
if you use water then you best use ethanol fuel to flush it after .but then again one has to think of the consequences . most cars nuke a lot of component on ethanol fuel. the ethanol drops out of the fuel if it has been binding with enough water. thats how you check how much ethanol you have in the fuel sample by causing its to drop out and seperate.
it will do that also in the tank if rainwater enters. loads of reasons why you never ever put any of that fuel in any car. not to mention what its doing to rubber seals

clark20, Sep 5, 1:43pm

intrade, Sep 5, 4:55pm
yea i think por 15 are good products .

franc123, Nov 24, 10:07pm
What is the vehicle and how easy is it to get another tank?

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