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bazfan, Oct 24, 8:03am
Had my WOF and service done - all passed but tyres are getting low and mechanic noted all 4 will need to be changed in the next 5000kms. It’s a standard Corolla so tyres aren’t that dear but wondering if I should take it back to the workshop and get them to change or go to a specialist tyre place like Tony’s or Firestone etc? Always have had a company car and this is my first time in 30 odd years I’ve actually had to get new tyres. I know Firestone etc does a balance and wheel alignment with the tyres and not sure if the garage does it?

sw20, Oct 24, 8:16am
Firestone will only give it an alignment if you request one and pay for it.

As for who to do the job? Depends on your relationship with the workshop. If you just want cheapest price, shop around.

gabbysnana, Oct 24, 8:17am
Tyre shop, mechanics send them there anyway .

sw20, Oct 24, 8:18am
Plenty of workshops that have their own tyre machine and balancer. Mine does.

intrade, Oct 24, 9:44am
it does mot matter where you buy tyres from .
What matters is they are no older then 6 year comply to wof standards and to the cars standards. and that they are correct balanced .
That is all the rest is just price and if you are happy to pay for whats on offer.
Example i only resell jinyu' blackilion brand tyre nothing else because they are the lowest price at best quality. they are not just the lowest price . they perform good in rain also and are just a bit more expensive then the cheapest you could buy.
Hope that answers all the questions you maybe having .

electromic, Oct 24, 10:22am
I worked in a garage that had new tyres and the machines to fit/balance/align. We did plenty of tyres. Does the mechanic have a wheel alignment machine? I won't have new tyres on my car without an alignment. I have been running Bridgestone RE003 for my Atenza and Turanza for my Stagea for a long time and could not be happier. RE003 will be overkill for a corolla but the turanzas are a good touring tyre. Mine have done 55 000km so far and are fantastic in the wet.

laurelanne, Oct 24, 10:23am
For me this shows initiative. The workshop I use for servicing vehicles told me I would be needing tyres shortly. He then proceeded to tell me he had a good supplier in Pukekohe and gave me a price range including his opinion on what was the best value for money, based on what he had been fitting to other customers vehicles. I figure you can't ask for better service than that.

franc123, Oct 24, 11:28am
Balancing is done at the same time as the tyre fitment, the wheel alignment is a separately chargeable operation. Unless you are after a specific brand of tyre, it doesnt really matter who you use to do the job. Using tyre shops isnt neccesarily the best course of action, garages that are equipped with all the gear can be just as competitive, they have to be, plus using a properly trained tech to do the alignment is a better idea, tyre shop employees, whilst they do a high volume of them are not necessarily that well trained in it and are focused on getting through as many as possible. Where it's possible to adjust it, caster and camber adjustment is often skipped because of the time factor and while it may not be out of spec as such, an optimum alignment is not done.

kazbanz, Oct 24, 12:43pm
Six of one half a dozen of the other. I'd probably lean towards the place that has a reputation for decent wheel alignment

gazzat22, Oct 24, 2:18pm
Both Tyre companies my Son in law went to locally quoted $550 or $700 for 4x 175.65 .14 for his Demio with wheel balancing and alignment.The Balancing and alignment seem at present to be universal if you buy 4 tyres.Both were for reputable brands but I,m not allowed to mention them here.

nice_lady, Oct 24, 4:43pm
As stated ANY tyres fitted involve a wheel balance at that time - ALWAYS.
Wheel alignment is a different process and is done either on request by the vehicle owner and/or at the suggestion by the tyre fitter, (and consequent agreement by the owner).

gazzat22, Oct 24, 5:26pm
The Balancing has been standard for a long long time but the Wheel alignment as part of the deal is new . to me anyway.The competition is obviously there for it now to be part of the deal.

bumfacingdown, Oct 24, 7:27pm
Some will then sting a fitting fee so pays to check various outlets

nesta129, Oct 24, 9:57pm
and some charge extra for balancing too.

tygertung, Oct 25, 6:35am
Yokohama A-Drive is what I've been using for many years now as they are not too expensive, last for a long time and have good grip.

bryalea, Oct 25, 6:51am
5000kms is a lot of distance for some people. Will you even be needing new tyres before your next WOF? On 1 of my vehicles I wouldn't do 5,000km in 2years. Another perhaps 12 months.

lythande1, Oct 25, 8:09am
I wouldn't go near Tonys. Dodgy. and all the BS about "nitrogen".
We go to an independent tyre guy, he repairs, balances and sells tyres. Good pricing too, I rang around and compared.

scuba, Oct 25, 6:56pm
Not necessarily- some dodgy caaants just slap it on a rim and onto the car- anything else you have to pay for. as opposed to dodgy caans.

s_nz, Oct 25, 9:10pm
Where you have tires fitted isn't super important. Any reputable operation offering this service will have the skills and equipment to mount and balance the tires. A wheel alignment is optional, but recommended if you have not had one done recently. It costs in the area of $90+GST. Gear to do this is expensive so smaller places will drive the car to a firm they have a trade account to have it done, don't really matter for the customer.

What is really important is to get good tires (with a date stamp that is not years old). Do a few online searches for your sise.

When I brought my corolla It had a different brand of economy tire on each corner. Had to be really gentle moving off uphill, and the car would slide all over the place in the wet (Even had the ABS kick in in carparks) Assumed it was normal for that car. When they wore out, I had (now discontinued) GT radial Champero 228's fitted (performance touring tires). These where the tires that won consumer's test for wet grip. Night and day difference. Steering felt way wetter, and heaps more grip especially in the wet. Now Have Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus. (long life, comfort / quiet touring tires). Grip is OK, but noticeable worse than the 228's. Steering is a lot softer and "floater" at open road speeds. I'm not such a fan, but I guess this is the "comfort" bit in play. On the plus side, they have not noticeably worn since I have had them on the car.

I'm not sure of tire size on your corolla, but if it 195/60R15 like mine, my current pick would be the Michelin Energy Xm2+. Price at .nz $147.99 each + $27.99 fitting, balancing, tubeless valve, disposal.

Sounds like they are a good balance of wet grip, long life & rolling resistance. Plus they come in cheaper than the Turanza's I have on my corolla.

trade4us2, Nov 2, 1:00pm
I don't drive much any more. My tyres are 12 years old. The WOF tester knows that but didn't seem worried. The original Pirelli spare was 22 years old and had never been used. I swapped it to a tyre dealer for a brand that matched the others on the car.

curlcrown, Nov 2, 5:34pm
I get my tyres pumped up with 78% nitrogen for free.

stevo2, Nov 2, 5:58pm
Shoulda got Helium instead. Woulda made it lighter and use less fuel.

bloodthirsty, Nov 2, 11:35pm
If it's a daily put some cheap tyres on. Balanced good wheel alignment. Bang call it a day.

richardmayes, Nov 4, 12:16pm
I got tyres put on by our local small town mechanic once and he made a complete meal of it.

(One not balanced properly, one slow leak through the valve, and one wheel had 5 out of 5 wheel nuts loose!)

Just go to a proper tyre place, putting new tyres on cars is their day job.

brouser3, Nov 4, 12:27pm
And some charge for 'disposing' of the old tyres.

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