Any Scania truck experts on here?

spudster, Sep 9, 6:17pm
Looking at updating to a new truck and looking for some info on the good/ bad points if the newer model.

serf407, Sep 10, 2:24pm
Where is trucking going in the lifetime of a 2020 new diesel truck?

Linehaul could be going electric/ hydrogen even in NZ Diesel engine trucks depreciate quicker than a falling brick, or diesel fuel gets carbon taxed to force everyone into electric something. Just simple things like the doors, can be different.
Scania R620 NTG
Volvo - door closing 2.45

strobo, Nov 22, 6:50pm
Something to considering if looking at alternative powered trucks , a new battery pack when due at 5 years for full electric trucks , the pack costs around $30,000 but they will explain that with the offset costs comparing diesel fuel used among other things over that 5 year gap with diesel power.We have full electric builds going at my work so now number 5 . currently 2 being built will bring to 7 done . From the smaller 2 ton up to 10 ton.I believe Scania diesel is all good as far as I know ,shorter stroke very smooth ,but wont last like a Volvo though. The lastest Mack I have driven and like it a lot ,but way outa my budget and neither need for one .But quite an impressive truck .

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