Mitsubishi Charger -X

Been offered one of these. Looks like half challenger / half triton. Have been told that its a Triton on a Challenger chassis. Has things like leather seats so is upmarket. Any one know what chassis / body it uses!

driver_matarautrader, May 29, 7:50 pm

can't say I've ever seen one before! The Triton and Challenger chassis is more or less the same apart from the Challenger having coil springs in the rear as opposed to leafs on the Triton.

driver_phillip.weston, May 29, 8:08 pm

just from doing some google searching, it appears charger-x is just an upmarket version of the triton. It looks like a triton ute on a triton chassis to me.

driver_phillip.weston, May 29, 8:13 pm

Thanks for that. Tried google myself and you are right.Also found interesting that it has an extra 10kw power.

driver_matarautrader, May 29, 8:27 pm

Yep.Its just a fancy triton with a different name.From memory it had some better trim and interior specs and a little more power.

driver_yogibearz, May 30, 5:58 am