Holden rodeos 3200cc, petrol, thirsty?

daz1968, Jul 23, 10:40am

before going overseas I sold my 2002 xr6 falcon ute,back in town town and
have decided to hopefully find a ute thats more economical, do you think the rodeo 3200cc would be slightly more economical than a standard xr6 4 litre 2002 model !

fordcrzy, Jul 23, 11:12am
they are thirsty as. we had work utes and the rodeos were thirstier than both the falcon and commodore utes.

virago72, Jul 23, 10:32pm
I have a 2002 3.2 petrol Rodeo 4x4 double cab. Like all vehicles, driving style has alot to do with economy. I don't find it too bad on gas but also do mainly open road driving. Recent trip of 600kms each way averaged 10.1 L/100km, carrying 4 adults and gear. I have also owned a 2005 Ford Territory 4.0L was pretty thirsty, same trip only 2 adults and 11.7 L/100km. Different type of vehicles I know, but so are a Rodeo and an XR6 ute.

virago72, Jul 23, 10:32pm
Yeah, but not the same type of vehicle.

chris_051, Jul 24, 2:48am
Any of those older jap V6 petrols are very inefficient, no power or torque just heaps of noise and gas, what were you getting out of your XR6 my old 02 manual one would be 8.5l/100km open road and between 10-12 around town which I though was good but i didn;t thrash it.

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