Help with CV joint VW passat 2004

grosso12, Jan 3, 1:20am
yay i found this! Intrade are you still interested in doing this, as i have not heard back but really need it done when you can if possible as i am scared to drive the car. Sorry to contact you like this, i hope you get this, i have cell phone number and have send text but not sure if it is the right number. I know that you have been away but hoping you are back.

intrade, Jan 3, 9:26am
yes ring me no one answered the phone when i called your number when i got back just sent email again to damin. yahoo

delmic, Jan 3, 8:08pm
good old intrade! cant help liking him eh

intrade, Jan 8, 4:58am
yea well i am still waiting to have them actuarly call me back. or email me back.

grosso12, Nov 1, 1:44am
I live in whangarei and need to replace the passenger side CV joint it is making a clicking a noise. I don't know much about cars, but have been told that this well cost me well over a thousand dollars. I can't believe it is this much. Are they ripping me off because I am female and don't know anything about cars. Please any help would be appreciated, or advice on someone I could trust .Thanks in advance

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grosso12 (42 ) 2:43 pm, Sat 31 Oct #1

intrade, Nov 1, 1:47am
na it wont if i do it.
you will have to wait a week or 2 before i am back up there at my workshop again.
post exact make and model engine and all amd i look up what parts cost.
if you post your numberplate i look it up on

grosso12, Nov 1, 2:12am
WVWZZZ3BZ4P092449 engine number
Model and make 2004 Volkswagen Passat
Reg number FSU628.
Thanks so much for any help you can give me, and give me.
How do I contact you. Thanks again

skull, Nov 1, 2:59am
You could always start an overpriced auction for something that's not going to sell and he will be able to contact you through that.

intrade, Nov 1, 3:11am
automatic transmission right?

intrade, Nov 1, 3:41am
also not 4 motion? should say on back and 4motion is all wheel drive
also how bad is the clicking?

solong as it dont clicks when going straight it be ok to drive just dont accelerate hard in corners.
there is 2 sets of joint might have to inspect what is fitted if i cant be sure
what one your car has.

grosso12, Nov 1, 3:47am
yes and it is tiptronic as well

grosso12, Nov 1, 3:48am
The clicking is bad when I go around a corner, don't think it is clicking when driving straight, but is this happens do. Stop driving

grosso12, Nov 1, 3:49am
No it is not 4 mottion

intrade, Nov 1, 3:53am
it be less then 500$ fitted even if its the expensive one and it looks to be
states to Chassis No.: 3B-3P347470 and your chassy number is below that one P09.
so most probably its that 3kg Beast of a joint
also matches my eteka parts number for it .

grosso12, Nov 1, 3:57am
Ok cool , so do you do that kind of work as I would be keen to get it done when you r up next

intrade, Nov 1, 7:32am
if you want it done just buy the cv boot that would be the cost for a quick boot just hit buy now Regards

grosso12, Nov 1, 8:44am
Ok I will, where do I buy this, is it on trademe, sorry I don't know anything about cars, and do I need to buy the joint bit from some where. Thanks for the help.

macman26, Nov 1, 8:53am
grosso12. I think he is referring to auction # 974400354.
Buy that

bjmh, Nov 1, 8:17pm
REPCO RCV633A CV - 38/27/59.5/45T ABS RRP $176.00 that's the cv joint. so your garage is charging $824 for labour. 2 hours would be tops for labour ? . repco only list one but maybe like intrade says its a special one ?

poppy62, Nov 1, 9:06pm
I'm with BJMH on this, Repco unit and any mechanical repair shop should be able to do the job in 2 hours.

grosso12, Nov 1, 9:59pm
Hi I trade, should I buy this or just the boot as it makes quite a loud knocking noise, but will take your advice.

This is for 1 x CV Joint kit for a VW with ABS.
Size of the joint is 38th/59.5/27th
Kit includes.

Vehicles that this item fits below.
Model - PASSAT
Chassis - 3B5,3B2,3B3,3B6
Year - 1996 - 2005
Engine - 1.9TDI, 2.5 TDI, 2.6, 2.8

If in doubt please provide us with your rego number and we can check that this part is correct for your vehicle.

Free Shipping anywhere in New Zealand.
If you are unsure if this part will fit your vehicle please contact us with your registration number and we can check our catalogue.

intrade, Nov 1, 10:19pm
just buy now the auction i made if you want me to do the job. i can not post contact details on here. i will need to put your car on my hoist and do a inspection what joint you have befor i can find the right one .

poppy62, Aug 8, 12:52pm
If it's clonking you need a CV Joint. usually comes with boot and clips.

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