Popup caravan vs "real one"

devine-spark, Jan 4, 10:38pm
I've been looking at Jayco caravans, both pop up and hard sides. Any advice? Got up to 30k to spend I think.

whqqsh, Jan 4, 11:23pm
we've got a bigger caravan but the top pops as well, apparently the idea was less towing drag (Anglo Go-Lo). Can walk into the caravan bit stooped then lift the roof, not a bad idea. Shame it was bought a project & haven't had time so will be on here soon.

leah14, Feb 10, 8:16am
hi, i'm interested in people's opinions on the merits of popup vs already up, normal caravans for families with a few kids.
obviously the popups are easier to store and lug around, but i wonder whether the hassle to erect and dissassemble them is worth it.
appreciate your thoughts

skin1235, Feb 10, 8:20am
there is some seriously nice popups around,
there is no hassle to assemble, simply release the locks and clip them when erected, my mum still does it with ease, artificial hips, a stroke weakened arm, and worn out body of an 84 yr old

lissa25, Feb 10, 8:25am
Pop tops are good for summer, stick out the awning and roll up the sides to let the breeze through, cheaper to buy, easier to store and nicer to tow. Often the pop up arms are spring loaded and can be easily put up quickly by one person.
But solid caravans hold their value very well if you keep them in good condition and provide a lot better accommodation in the wind or colder temperatures, more common to have more beds or bunks in them too.
Rent a couple or ask to test any you are serious about so you can get a feel for what suits.

leah14, Feb 10, 8:35am
thanks, i'm actually looking at this one. its got hard sides. 844076305

mopar63, Feb 10, 8:43am
I've had tents ,caravans, plus two sizes of popups, both with the canvas sides. I always wanted a popup with the hard size as I reckon you get the best of both worlds ,the canvas ones do get cold and breezy in inclement weather,still do the job though.The one you're looking at is a little beaut ,grab it.

matarautrader, Feb 10, 8:45am
We have had a camper trailer and then moved up to a caravan. The advantages of the camper trailer was that it easily fitted into a garage and extended out to 20 feet. The disdvantages was that the beds etc had to be disassembled and everything stacked in the floor area. The caravan has everything fixed.So its stop, level out the caravan, slide the awning on (just a roof type) open the windows, turn on the gas, and wait for the jug to boil. We found that compared to the camper trailer it was close to an hour quicker to set up.The fixed walls mean that its lots warmer in nasty weather, better insulation especially noise, and its easy to fix solar panels, TV dishes etc to the roof. The disadvantage is that its higher, won't go in a garage, and has to live outside. A poptop doesn't particularly like extras added to the roof because of extra weight.

j_fung9007, Feb 10, 8:46am
I had 3x different types of caravan in the last 3 years. 1st one was a solid already up, it was a smallish one, enough room for 2 adults and 2 little ones. It feels quite bulky and heavy to tow with our 05 Nissan Serena 2L petrol with CVT gearbox. Decided to sell that and bought a pop top canvas one. Our 2nd caravan was extremely light to tow (it was a Sunbird 4m long X 3m). It has 2x springs sort of system, only takes 4mins to setup. The downside is the canvas will never last, have to waterproof it and also you do feel the breeze at night. So we have sold that one and bought our 3rd one, which is the pop top with solid sides, exactly the same one that you are after "844076305".

j_fung9007, Feb 10, 8:51am
Those Liteweight Expander are GREAT! We have taken it out last weekend in Tokoroa, the only downside that I could think of is there are heaps of gaps on the hinges/folding bits where the extension bits are sticking out. It was 6 degrees in the morning and it was pretty cold inside too. Apart from that, is pretty roomy. I don't think they are light either, the side walls are quite heavy, I reckon they are as heavy as my 1st solid already up caravan. Anyway, I got a 4wd now so that doesn't really matter.

smac, Feb 10, 9:44am
Stayed at the beach in my tent while friends were in one of those. Few minutes to set up, and way more practical than a tent, but way easier to tow and store than a full size. Certainly made me envious sitting in my tent. I want a van at some point, and that would be my choice.

Re towing: the advantage is not the weight difference (which is nothing, same amount of panels etc), it's the visibility, wind loading and storage.

lissa25, Feb 10, 10:04am
That looks like the best of both worlds, and pretty tidy too. I can't see it devaluing much if you can keep it tidy.

tamarillo, Aug 8, 6:45pm
I went pop up and loved it. I knew it was simp,y to be taken to camp spot not touring, so I didn't need to access it whilst on the journey. If I was travelling the country I would get fixed head so I could use it like a camper and have lunch, get changed, etc on the journey.
It was real quick to put up and fun with kids doing it. Worth it for sheer ease of towing it and safety in wind. I could literally forget it was there.

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