2003 petrol mitsubishi pajero, thoughts please.

dog-groom, Jan 11, 6:53am
hi im wanting to get a 4wd , and im currently looking at a Mitsubishi pajero, whats everyones thoughts on these vehicles?
or any other suggestions on good 4wd's please

franc123, Jan 11, 6:57am
What motor its got in it is the biggest factor there, they are by and large a good 4x4 but at the right price, they aren't worth Prado money when you go to trade them.

dog-groom, Jan 11, 7:07am
3500 litre petrol. automatic 4 speed , @11k price.

will be used for everyday use.

monaro17, Jan 11, 7:46am
very thirsty. I mean reallllllllly thirsty. We had friends that changed from one of those to an early Ford Territory (notoriously thirsty) and they couldn't believe how much better on fuel it was

franc123, Jan 11, 8:02am
Seems to be reasonably priced, got highish kms? Probably no reason why you shouldn't buy if it goes through a PPI without any major problems, Mitsi V6's need good quality oils and good general service as do the transmissions so check for plenty of evidence of that. They WILL die young if neglected. Look for signs of salt water immersion too in the rear of it. You really need to consider if you need something that big, as said its not an economic choice for a daily driver.

xs1100, Jan 11, 8:07am
just remember the fuel station Z is yr friend as you ll be buying shares in it but also they are owned by nz superannuation also so don't feel too bad LOL

aj254, Jan 11, 8:11am
GDI? Don't go there! There may be a few non gdi 3.5s around, ok but thirsty as. The later 3.8s are a better engine imo, but again thirsty. I reckon I wouldn't have trouble getting a 3.8 paj to drink 20l/100km, with bit of gear in the back and my heavy foot and the shocking local roads.

dog-groom, Jan 11, 9:03am
my next option is a Toyota prado. but they are dam expensive! and I also like the ford explorer

xs1100, Jan 11, 9:06am
there are a lot of options in between those 2 best you say what you re looking for eg manual/auto petrol diesel ks you do a week

aj254, Jan 11, 9:30am
Suggest you look at nissan terrano/regulus, and isuzu bighorn/wizard/mu.
Toyota prados are pretty good but generally overpriced, ford explorer is something I'd steer well clear of, even though I find them nice and comfortable.

gmphil, Jan 11, 10:11am
mates got one had from new now 190k on clock .3.8 petrol.tho his wifes daily driver seems go ok and nice to drive well short distances that I have driven it cant say on fuel consumtion and no major problems .

lazzo, Jan 11, 2:07pm
I've had many Pajero's of this generation, both GDI & MPI and all of them were as faithful as can be, never let me down once! Good value for money.

yendor, Jan 12, 1:11am
Why do you need a 4x4 as a daily?

mugenb20b, Jan 12, 4:50am
Nissans are OK as long as they have 2.7 or 3.2 diesel motors, Bighorns with a 3.1 diesel and a manual gearbox are good too. The rest of the fleet you mentioned are piles of shit.

franc123, Feb 9, 5:06pm
Yes but even then you have to be careful with Terranos, most are well into the territory where steering, suspension, brake, trans and injector pump problems are costing owners. Check em out properly.

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