T5 gearbox

holdensorfords, Jan 17, 7:12am
the hiace have a linkage type shifter set up. the manual gearboxes in haice are under the cargo bay behind driver. i have never seen any hiace being driven around with someone in the back changing gears for driver. hope this helps. thanks all for the good info. i have emailed a few of those places mentioned. should get a reply back thru the week.

gmphil, Jan 17, 8:08am
yup correct and the gearboxes we all mention are toploaders hope this helps

sr2, Jan 17, 8:47pm
It's very easy to fabricate a remote gear change linkage from a top loader style box using a single shaft with universal joints (in the old days we used to use socket set universals!). I've done it on a number of race cars with rear set engine configurations without a problem.
Are you sure a Turbo 350 wouldn't be a better/cheaper solution, it is after all going in a van?

gmphil, Jan 17, 9:30pm
is there a w box in toyota vans ? then just strip in rebuild with rite ratio?
a th700 be better option

holdensorfords, Jan 17, 10:20pm
yea, i may have to go auto, it is the cheaper option. i was hoping to keep it manual. see if anyone emails me from the sites afore mentioned.

holdensorfords, Jan 16, 11:56am
i'm wanting to have a T5 gearbox fitted to my 350 chev hiace. i did get a guestimate of around $10g (from a gearbox crowd) if I supplied the box, which I'm thinking is way over the top. anyone know who I could try or know of anyone who does this sort of thing often? auckland preferably.

kiwibob60, Jan 16, 12:57pm
try castlemaine in Australia for a conversion kit.

esprit, Jan 16, 8:06pm
Give these guys a yell:


quickstitch, Jan 16, 8:40pm
try Fastparts, he uses the username


sr2, Jan 16, 8:57pm
The T5 is an old design box that isn't the worlds strongest by any means and is very vague on shifts. I'd be looking at Tremec, they came out in a number of small block powered cars and are a huge improvement over the elderly somewhat fragile T5.

gmphil, Jan 16, 11:12pm
in a hiace lol u guna have some one In back changing gears or going for the old sb3 Bedford gear stick ? t5 standard not strong buy new or rebuild with billet forks in all shit will hold to 400 hp

sr2, Aug 6, 1:51pm
A 6 Speed V161 or V162 would be a great choice but with their integral bell housing you'll need a custom bell housing to block plate and probably a custom flywheel. The W Toyota boxes are fragile behind a smallblock if want to put any torque through them (i.e. tow or carry a heavy load).

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